Organization Made Simple With Evernote

 Organization made simple with Evernote.

Evernote, an innovative digital workspace for advanced note-taking and syncing, released a new and improved 8.0 version.  The updated version has been long overdue for customers since its app debut in 2008. With the emphasis on the current niche market of technology, founder Stepan Kopichov set out to capitalize on the creation of an “external brain” for absorbing and release purposes, an undeniable necessity, as we fall victim to constant bingeing and overconsumption of online information and content. Evernote wanted to make notetaking easy and reliable for digital users. As the technological era continues to grow, people have changed their old paper and pen habits and turned to computers. Kopichov’s Evernote speaks to our automatization, as we begin to function more often as mere products of the digital age. Evernote’s new version is updated and easy to use on iPads, netbooks, and smartphones. Your organization made simple with Evernote.

Get organized on all of your devices.

Evernote 8.0 now operates on the motto: time to note. The company wanted to make organization and time a key factor. The idea was to improve speed and efficiency, to lessen the time between the formation of a thought and getting it down in Evernote as soon as possible. Whether in meetings, interviews, conversations with clients, or brainstorming for future campaigns and projects, in a high-intensity industry such as public relations, this type of application is imperative.

Not only does Evernote allow you to create and store different notebooks virtually but it offered on various devices.  Evernote works on Apple, Androids, and Windows devices. Evernote utilizes text, audio, photos and physical handwriting. Furthermore, the advancement in search capabilities surpasses all other competitors such as Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Zoho Notebook and Google Keep. Evernote has a newfound ability to search for text in images, whether personally taken or clipped from the web. Evernote also offers enhanced security, the annotation of PDFs and the aptitude to scan and digitalize business cards.

According to, Evernote is a bit on the pricey side with different levels of access per plan but worth the investment. The business, premium or plus range from $15 – $70 per year with the premium plan. Organized and productivity made simple with the leading note-taking app.