The Most Futuristic iPhone Yet

Will the iPhone 6 feature new, curved glass?

In typical techy fashion, Apple junkies and tech mavens are already speculating thedesign, release date and updates on the iPhone 6. Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass has announced that it has perfected a curved version of the coveted iPhone screen. Gorilla Glass is also used in smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Round

Will the newest iPhone feature curved glass?

Will the newest iPhone feature curved glass?

and the LG G Flex. Expected to launch the product at the Las Vegas tech convention CES this week, the buzz about the new design has already sparked Apple’s interest.

The Wall Street Journal’s Daisuke Wakabayshi has already broken the news about the screen and suspects a new iPhone with a larger, curved display very well might be in Apple’s near future. A curved screen would not put Apple ahead of the competition but rather allow them to catch up. For possibly the first time in Apple history it is not at the forefront of consumer technology. Other companies such as Samsung and LG have already come out with a smartphones with a curved screen.

What does this mean for social media? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. Will curved glass force apps to change their interfaces? Will pictures need to be viewed in a new way? Will it change the way we use smartphones forever? Only time will tell.

Whether Apple will hope on the bandwagon or surprise us all and come out with something completely new and different is yet to be determined. Apple, known for supplying the world with the latest and greatest in sleek and user-friendly technology has not announced a release date for the iPhone 6 but whenever it comes it is sure to be a hit.

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