Using Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

As Snapchat has continued to develop as an application so have the uses for it. Now, it is being used to help market businesses and companies in many different ways. Not only is Snapchat widely used, it helps businesses engage with followers and increase brand visibility. Here are four effective ways businesses can use Snapchat as a marketing tool.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering discounts and coupons to followers. Since Snapchats only last 24 hours this makes discounts very exclusive. Businesses can do this by making Snapchat stories that include promo codes. Ultimately, this will (most likely) increase customers and followers on Snapchat because who doesn’t love a great deal.

Another way to effectively use Snapchat as a marketing tool is to have giveaways. This is helpful because it allows businesses to directly connect and interact with its followers on Snapchat. Giveaways provide people with a reason to keep following their favorite companies on Snapchat and it helps engage audiences.

Businesses can also use influencers to help engage with audiences and help with marketing. This also helps bring the followers that influencers might already have to your business. A great example of this is when Sour Patch Kids worked with a very famous Vine star, Logan Paul. Together they did a campaign on Snapchat with ended up generating around 120,000 new Snapchat followers for Sour Patch Kids.

Finally, businesses can use Snapchat to give an inside look at new or potentially new products. They can do this by giving product demos. This will help customers stay up-to-date with what’s going on with their favorite companies. Likewise, this helps them engage with more customers and/or potential customers on Snapchat. In fact, when Amazon released it’s Amazon Echo speaker the company took to Snapchat to show it’s followers all that the speaker could do. Amazon actually got 6,100 mentions as a result of this.

Although there are many ways businesses can use Snapchat as a marketing tool these are a few that are extremely effective.