Drones Help Businesses

Recently, drones have gained a lot of attention for commercial use and personal use. Drones help businesses in more ways than one, they are able to film, view and soon will be able to drop off commercial goods. Drones allow companies to see their land, products and act as a method of delivery. Drones help businesses in more ways than one, and can be found for relatively low cost making them easily accessible to business around the world.

Margi Murphy writes about 15 companies that are using drones in the UK on TechWorld, the companies have been using drones and they have all found different benefits from drones (http://www.techworld.com/picture-gallery/personal-tech/6-best-uses-of-drones-in-business-3605145/). Drones help businesses in the oil world, because they can use them to look at hard to reach places on their energy plant, like Shell does. Drones give businesses a chance to save workmen and use the camera to check out a location, or to check up on their product. For example, if they’re a farmer they can easily check on their livestock without taking a worker away from an important job he or she was working on. Drones help businesses also by helping deliver products, Amazon released a drone that will allow them to deliver a customer their order within 30 minutes. Murphy talks about other companies, such as DHL and postal deliveries and how they too benefit from drones and use them to deliver their mail/packages.

Someone like 50 Cent could even use drones to help his career (and business). He could use a drone to view potential locations for a music video, if the location is hard to get to this would save him time and energy. 50 Cent could also use the drone to help film a music video from aerial points of view, to make it different from his others. Drones help businesses of all kinds, they are easy to use and because of their relatively cheap cost, they are hard to lose profit off of.

Drones Help Businesses

Entrepreneur wrote about the research an MIT fellow found proving drones are inexpensive and easy to use. “Christopher Green, an MIT research fellow who works with the university’s Senseable City Lab, an initiative that studies the impact of technology on our urban spaces, says that advances in open source drone software and hardware has made technology relatively inexpensive and opened the field to hobbyist enthusiasts and researchers developing components and applications for small-scale UAVs” (http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/231529).  With UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) becoming more common, more accessible and cheaper, more companies are able to use and benefit from drones. Drones are able to be used by all types of people, and most have been able to find positive benefits.

Drones are quickly changing our world, they are helping companies save workers for big jobs, and allowing the technology to help them with small tasks like cameras, filming, viewing and deliveries.