Ringly, the Newest Fad in Wearable Tech

Ever since Apple released the Apple Watch, business professionals and students have been wearing them 24/7. However, they’re not the only wearable tech out there, Ringly is a new up-and-coming company that notifies you if you have a notification on your phone with a simple vibration. Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech, allows one to pick who’s messages/emails/calls they want to receive notifications from and keep their smart phone put away throughout their workday.

Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech, is a fashionable way for one to stay in-touch with their phone but not be completely attached to it. By wearing a Ringly ring, one can keep their phone put away during a business meeting or class and have no stress about missing an important email or call.

As Sarah Perez wrote, “ringly also wants to be a tool you use as a way to stay on top of your most important notifications, while allowing you to finally stow your smartphone back in your purse where it belongs…With Ringly, users pair the app via Bluetooth with an accompanying smartphone application, and then can customize the light and vibration patterns for how their ring responds to various activities. By default, Ringly alerts you to calls, texts, emails and calendar events, but it also supports a large number of third-party applications”(http://techcrunch.com/2015/07/24/does-ringly-have-a-place-in-an-apple-watch-world/).

Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech

Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech, not only looks chic but it can help one stay focused on a particular task. Right now, I’m writing this blog post, but I’ve also checked my email while working on it and each time checked a social media app on my phone as well. By using Ringly you only look at your phone when you know you received something and then can get back to work quicker. Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech will only promote a positive work environment.

Another article claimed, “a ‘smarty ring‘ can alert you with incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and emails. The technology can also help you locate your phone… The ring, which features an abacus, is the smartest ring at that time… With the many possible great uses for the wearable technology, one can only imagine the endless possibilities of its benefits”(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonha-revesencio/exploring-the-benefits-of_b_7910662.html).  Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech keeps one connected with their technology world (i.e., emails, texts, calls, location, etc) but in a trendy and subtle form.

Wearable rings have a sleek appearance and are not as noticeable as an Apple Watch. They are easy to use, wear and helpful for all kinds of consumers. A stay at home mom could use it so if her kids texted her she would be notified, or an intern being sent in a million directions would always know when her boss needed him or her. The ring is simple and has a lot of room for growth. Ringly, the newest trend in wearable tech, is something I would want to wear on my finger.