Stitchfix Online Personal Styling Profile

Stichtfix online personal styling profile makes it easy to match your personal taste and save you the headache of having to leave your house to go shopping. Do you have an important event coming up soon or maybe you’re  just not good at picking out an outfit every day? Not only does Stitchfix pick your outfit, they also send your outfits directly to your home. This app makes it simple and convenient to be styled by your online personal stylist.  Continue reading

Free Red Swimsuit Floods Instagram Feed

Reposted Image of Free Red Swimsuit Goes Viral

Swimwear company Sunny Co. posted a promotional offer last Wednesday that turned Instagram feeds into a repeating feed. The offer was one millennials could not turn down. The task was simple.  Repost the photo on Instagram and tag Sunny Co. within the first 24 hours of the original post, and get a free red swimsuit.

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New Pinterest Features

Pinterest’s co-founder and head of Pinterest’s products wrote about the new Pinterest features, specifically the Lens feature, in a recent blog post. “Pinterest [has] developed new experimental technology that, for the first time ever, is capable of seeing the world the way you do. Now there’s a way to discover ideas without having to find the right words to describe them first.” Continue reading

Ringly, the Newest Fad in Wearable Tech

Ever since Apple released the Apple Watch, business professionals and students have been wearing them 24/7. However, they’re not the only wearable tech out there, Ringly is a new up-and-coming company that notifies you if you have a notification on your phone with a simple vibration. Ringly, the newest fad in wearable tech, allows one to pick who’s messages/emails/calls they want to receive notifications from and keep their smart phone put away throughout their workday.

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Instagram’s Best Shopping Tool

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly where your favorite blogger got her boots from? Or where you can buy that cool bag she is holding in her Instagram photo? Now you can- thanks to aka Instagram’s best shopping tool

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