Free Resources to Learn New PR Skills During Quarantine

Watching TikToks, becoming a skilled bartender, and mastering DIY projects are great ways to pass the time during the quarantine. However, it is important to keep your mind challenged and show your future employer that you used some of this time productively. Below, we are sharing free resources to learn new PR skills during the quarantine. All of these would be great examples to share during interviews when you get asked: “what did you do during quarantine?”

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Companies Crushing the Communication Game During Quarantine

Communication during crises is essential to the survival of a business. But COVID-19 has shown some companies’ true colors. Some businesses are over-communicating. Some are under communicating. And some are communicating when they should be staying silent. Below is a list of some admirable companies crushing the communication game during the quarantine.

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FREE Tools to Identify Your Audience

Knowing your audience is essential to ensuring your message is heard, but many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have a ton of money to invest in premium tracking tools and services. A shortage of funds isn’t as big of an issue as you may think. There are a several free tools to identify your audience, their interests and what they search online. Continue reading

The New Snap Pixel Is Finally Here and We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Snapchat is finally getting with the program. They have created a pixel to help track users after they use an ad. The new snap pixel will be specific to advertiser’s websites in order to give brands a better idea of how their ads are doing. This will help with engagement as well as give insight into what users like.

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New Twitter Promote Mode is in Public Beta

Now you can grow the reach of your personal brand or business with Twitter Promote Mode. The new advertising service launched into public beta last week. The goal of the service is to assist personal brands and small businesses in easily running automated ad campaigns on Twitter to grow a brands influence.  Continue reading

Measuring Ad Exposure Through Snapchat

For companies that like to see the numbers, Snapchat introduced a tool for tracking and measuring ad exposure. In the last year, we have seen more ads coming up on Snapchat from companies like Fabletics and JustFab. Now, Snapchat’s tool called Snap Pixel will allow companies to track user’s interactions after seeing an ad on the app. Continue reading

How Facebook Ad Tools are Optimizing Marketing

Measuring digital ads with Facebook ad tools can help optimize marketing strategies for businesses. The evolving use of digital devices creates a demand for businesses to strategically connect with customers online and offline. Last year, Facebook introduced three marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of online-to-offline ad impacts. Last week, Facebook offered two new options focusing on targeting offline-to-online leads. These tools help brands understand how effective their Facebook ads are for driving foot traffic and how they can retarget people who interact with the business offline. Continue reading

Paid Social Media Marketing Is a Smart Investment for Businesses

Paid Social Media Marketing

Businesses continue to grow their marketing strategies as paid social media marketing is on the rise. Social media offers businesses insights into demographics across all platforms, allowing them to tap in to niche markets. Organizations are even allocating top budget dollars toward paid social media marketing software, and the results speak for themselves. Continue reading

Free Red Swimsuit Floods Instagram Feed

Reposted Image of Free Red Swimsuit Goes Viral

Swimwear company Sunny Co. posted a promotional offer last Wednesday that turned Instagram feeds into a repeating feed. The offer was one millennials could not turn down. The task was simple.  Repost the photo on Instagram and tag Sunny Co. within the first 24 hours of the original post, and get a free red swimsuit.

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Pinterest is Different

Pinner using mobile Pinterest appPinterest is different. Different than what, you may ask. Pinterest is different because it does not fit into the mold for what you likely classify as a social network. Connotatively, a social network implies users share pictures and posts with their “friends,” “followers,” or “connections.” With Pinterest, you take an idea in your head and materialize it. It is the only successful platform of its kind.

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Grow with Pinterest

Businesses can grow with Pinterest

Businesses use social networks to advertise and expand their reach to new and existing customers. This way, businesses can present their product or service to a larger audience. Of all the social networks, Pinterest has proven to be extraordinarily effective for clicking through to the business’s site. According to a recent article, Pinterest generates four times more revenue per click than Twitter. Businesses are able to grow with Pinterest unlike any other network.  Continue reading

Twitter Premium Subscription

Twitter logo--company could introduce Twitter premium subscription for ad-free management of accounts

Twitter is exploring the option to offer a premium subscription to users. This Twitter premium subscription would primarily be targeted towards businesses and professionals. Twitter built its success on free services for the 11 years its operated. Because Twitter hasn’t collected revenue from advertising as other social media sites (Facebook), the company wants to offer business savvy users the opportunity to get more information, faster.  Continue reading

Food Photography Tips for Social Media: Basics and Tricks for Engaging Hungry Audiences

food photography tips

Marketing for restaurants should be straightforward via social media. Food photography rarely fails to entice hungry audiences. However, some food photography can actually deter potential customers if not following certain guidelines. Here are some key food photography tips for engaging audiences via social media. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence Bots Could Replace Advertising Creatives at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is exploring replacing advertising creatives with artificial intelligence bots. Digital executives at Coke believe bots could create music for ads, write ad scripts, post spots on social media, and buy media.

artificial intelligence bots Digitization of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola recently restructured to become a digital business. The digital transformation of Coca-Cola will take place in four areas. These areas include consumer experience, operations, new business, and culture. To improve consumer experience, Coke plans to use artificial intelligence bots to better the content, media, and commerce aspects of their business.

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Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform


Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform

Facebook Logo, facebook business

Facebook Logo

One of the world’s most popular social media platforms is Facebook. Facebook reaches many demographics, making it a viable tool for businesses. Advertising on Facebook may be done organically, or through paid campaigns. For many brands, paid advertising on the platform garners a lot of awareness, and if used consistently, could offer a strong return on investment (ROI.) Continue reading

Watson Speech-Enabled Ads Benefit Both Consumers and Marketers

IBM’s augmented intelligence program, Watson, is now being used to create speech-enabled ads. These ads allow brands and consumers to communicate within an advertising experience.

Watson is similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant in that it converses with users. But, it is a form of advertising. Campbell’s is one of the first to experiment with Watson speech-enabled ads. In Campbell’s Watson ads, the program becomes “Chef Watson.” Chef Watson combines users’ ingredients with its knowledge of cooking to deliver new recipes to the consumer.

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