Instagram’s Best Shopping Tool

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly where your favorite blogger got her boots from? Or where you can buy that cool bag she is holding in her Instagram photo? Now you can- thanks to aka Instagram’s best shopping tool

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A New Way to Customize Your Wardrobe

A True One of a Kind

Moda Operandi, the online designer trunk show site founded by Icelandic fashion investor Aslaug Magnusdottir, revolutionized the way luxury clothes are sold. The site allows customers to buy designer looks straight from the runway following their debuts at various fashion weeks before it is even been produced. Now, Ms. Magnusdottier has another venture up her couture- clad sleeve.  Continue reading

StyleSaint : Fashion Designed by Digital Consumers

Imagine a fashion brand that listens to what you want; a brand that is inspired by your personal tastes and preferences; a brand that is driven by its consumer’s requests. Imagine a fashion brand that allows Internet users to create mood boards that inspire the brand’s future collections. Imagination… meet StyleSaint.


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Booty Shorts: An Epidemic

As the Texas heat wave shows promise of cooling down, there is belief that it will take the revealing clothing trends with it. This summer has unleashed a desire in women across America to display parts of their bodies that should only be revealed in various settings such as the club or behind closed doors. To many, there is nothing wrong with that, yet to others, there is great concern. Continue reading

Google Glass in Any Industry

Google Glass was first introduced to the world in April of 2012. Since then, the high-tech device that creates an augmented reality right before the wearer has been utilized in several different industries for innovation, communication, creativity, and knowledge. Continue reading

What to Wear for a Party!

What to Wear for a Party! How you dress for your party is a huge deal if you’re the party host, because all eyes are on you. That being said, if you are fashion handicapped, thank the Internet for all of its fashion websites and blogs.

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From Fashion Blogs to Instagram Feeds

In the past year, Instagram has created a shift in fashion blogging that wasn’t seen coming by the fashion obsessed. Despite the sudden loss of positive energy after the purchase by Facebook and change of privacy policy,  Instagram has managed to take photo-sharing to a level that other social media outlets have only strived for. With this popularity in photo-sharing fashion bloggers have managed to rise to impressive heights with their Instagram fame and gain new blog followers in the process.