Booty Shorts: An Epidemic

As the Texas heat wave shows promise of cooling down, there is belief that it will take the revealing clothing trends with it. This summer has unleashed a desire in women across America to display parts of their bodies that should only be revealed in various settings such as the club or behind closed doors. To many, there is nothing wrong with that, yet to others, there is great concern.

We have already seen a progression of women’s clothing becoming more revealing. Before the 1920s we saw women in ankle length dresses, little to no body exposure for swimwear, and never shorts or pants. Comparatively, it seems like you do not have to go far from your house before you catch a glimpse of someone’s goodies.

This recent trend begs the simple question, why? What has been the cause of more revealing attire and why does society accept this newer direction? Perhaps history can help answer the question, see below for simple breakdown of women’s fashion trends by the decade.

1890s-1920s: Haute Couture
• Long dresses
• Exaggerated shoulders
• Conservative necklines
• Oversized hats

1920s: Roaring Twenties
• Flapper culture
• Loose dresses
• Short hair

1930s-1940s: The Great Depression
• Celebrities becoming fashion icons
• Military inspired
• Structured shoulders
• Ready to wear fashion

1950s: Postwar Era
• Fashion industry appealing to teenagers
• Designers like Christian Dior launching successful careers
• More feminine clothing

1960s: Flower Power
• Bell bottom jeans
• Tie-dye
• Black leather/rocker attire
• Mini skirts

1970s: Saturday Night Fever
• Polyester materials
• Shiny clothing
• Stretchy fabrics

1980s: Mainstream
• Neon and tons of accessories
• MTV inspiring fashion
• Power suit
• Focus on name brand/designer clothing

1990s: Minimalism
• Bohemian
• Athletic wear
• Laid back and comfortable

2000s: Back to the Future
• Vintage/Hipster looks
• Colors making a comeback

2010: Less is more?
• Booty shorts
• Crop tops
• Club dresses in the daytime

There is an obvious historical trend toward less clothing, which has been popularized by media and celebrity culture. Yet are there any other factors to blame? Could it be that as women gain more social rights, this translates to fashion as well? History showed that in the times of the traditional family model, the role of a woman was to be seen and not heard. They would dress in lavish unpractical clothing and serve as status symbols for their husbands. During war times, clothing became more practical as women would work while their husbands were away. Eventually women grew to have more significant roles in society and the way they dressed could be a reflection of newly found liberties.

In retrospect, not everyone is opposed to booty shorts and tummy revealing tops. If you have the body to rock that attire, numerous members of the male species would attest to the fact that they enjoy these fashion statements. A realistic concern of the public however is how much more revealing will women’s fashion become. Nudity has already been apparent in fashion shows for decades, how much longer does society have before this trend becomes mainstream?

Sound off below in the comments. Do you think the booty shorts epidemic is serious and will have a significant impact on our future? What do you think some of the causes for more revealing attire have been?

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