Free Resources to Learn New PR Skills During Quarantine

Watching TikToks, becoming a skilled bartender, and mastering DIY projects are great ways to pass the time during the quarantine. However, it is important to keep your mind challenged and show your future employer that you used some of this time productively. Below, we are sharing free resources to learn new PR skills during the quarantine. All of these would be great examples to share during interviews when you get asked: “what did you do during quarantine?”

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Companies Crushing the Communication Game During Quarantine

Communication during crises is essential to the survival of a business. But COVID-19 has shown some companies’ true colors. Some businesses are over-communicating. Some are under communicating. And some are communicating when they should be staying silent. Below is a list of some admirable companies crushing the communication game during the quarantine.

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The Value of Public Relations

Too often when a public relations professional is asked what value public relations has on the bottom-line, they can’t give a clear and direct answer. More often than not, their answer will be long with no real meaning at all. In fact, it is usually so convoluted that you wonder if they are really a professional communicator at all. Typically, that is the case for one of two reasons:   Continue reading