What are Social Media Management Platforms?

Listen up public relations professionals! This blog contains information about social media management platforms, the latest social media trend that will streamline your communication and shave hours off your workday.

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The Growing Trend of Social Media Polls

Recently, we are seeing social media polls becoming a growing trend on various channels. The newer poll features we have seen have been on Instagram and Facebook. In October, Instagram added a polling sticker feature for stories. In November, Facebook added GIF-supported polls. Additionally, there are polling features on Snapchat and Twitter. These polls are becoming beneficial for brands to engage followers in a simple, creative way. Continue reading

How Facebook Ad Tools are Optimizing Marketing

Measuring digital ads with Facebook ad tools can help optimize marketing strategies for businesses. The evolving use of digital devices creates a demand for businesses to strategically connect with customers online and offline. Last year, Facebook introduced three marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of online-to-offline ad impacts. Last week, Facebook offered two new options focusing on targeting offline-to-online leads. These tools help brands understand how effective their Facebook ads are for driving foot traffic and how they can retarget people who interact with the business offline. Continue reading

Social Media Usage

Image of social media apps on smartphone, showing mobile, social media usage dependency

Social media smartphone apps

Social media usage is higher now than ever before. Admit it, you check Facebook while you’re waiting for your fried to arrive. You see what’s trending on Twitter to see what’s happening now. Avoiding social media seems nearly impossible. Recent studies show an increase in social media usage since 2012. Widespread access to social media makes it easier to stay connected and essential to communicating and keeping in touch with modern society.  Continue reading

Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform


Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform

Facebook Logo, facebook business

Facebook Logo

One of the world’s most popular social media platforms is Facebook. Facebook reaches many demographics, making it a viable tool for businesses. Advertising on Facebook may be done organically, or through paid campaigns. For many brands, paid advertising on the platform garners a lot of awareness, and if used consistently, could offer a strong return on investment (ROI.) Continue reading

Facebook Trending Update Released to Prevent Fake News

This week, a Facebook trending update was released to improve the scope and quality of news on the site. Facebook introduced the update in response to the fake news stories that previously trended on the site.

Facebook trending updateFacebook Trending, a module on the News Feed, is one of the most controversial topics surrounding the social networking site. Gizmodo, a political site, was the first to accuse Facebook of sharing fake news. The site published an article in which former Facebook publishers stated that they downplayed conservative media sources when choosing which stories to trend.

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Customer Service Scam: Facebook

Hearing “Facebook fraud” will likely elicit thoughts of identity theft or catfishing. Facebook fraud goes beyond identity theft. A recent NPR story covered a Facebook customer service scam; the helpline at the top of a Google search directed callers to a scam. The scamming customer service agent at the other end of the line only wants your money. This Facebook customer service scam is another example warning you not to trust everything you find on the Internet.  Continue reading

Facebook Bots Could Be the Next Step in Digital Communication

Facebook Messenger Bots, introduced in April 2016, are the next step in digital communication because of their ability to connect businesses and consumers. While they were introduced last year, recent advancements have improved their usability. Facebook users can use Bots for a variety of tasks, such as customer service, making restaurant reservations, reviewing e-commerce orders, and more. To use Bots, users must first launch the Facebook Messenger app. They can then find Bots by using the search bar at the top of the app. Users then choose the Bot they would like to use and chat the Bot to get what they need. This provides the next step in digital communication for e-commerce and marketing alike because Bots are not just limited to text. They can send images, links, and call to action buttons.

Next Step in Digital Communication

Bots cater to all kinds of companies and causes, including Domino’s Pizza, Expedia, and even protests. The Domino’s Pizza Bot, called “Dom”, enables Facebook users to order pizza online. Users have access to the full Domino’s menu and can place their order within the Messenger app. But, because Facebook Messenger cannot take credit card payments yet, customers must pay the Domino’s delivery person in cash upon the arrival of their pizza. Domino’s introduced this Bot ahead of the super bowl this year in anticipation of the high demand for pizza. To learn more about Dom, click here. Continue reading