What are Social Media Management Platforms?

Listen up public relations professionals! This blog contains information about social media management platforms, the latest social media trend that will streamline your communication and shave hours off your workday.

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Why Google Plus Is Failing

Many people are familiar with the social networking platform Google Plus. Google Plus logoThe basics are pretty much the same as every other networking site, but why don’t you know anyone who uses it? There are many questions surrounding the enigma that is Google Plus. With the name and reputation it possesses, everyone wants to know why Google Plus is failing. Continue reading

How Facebook Ad Tools are Optimizing Marketing

Measuring digital ads with Facebook ad tools can help optimize marketing strategies for businesses. The evolving use of digital devices creates a demand for businesses to strategically connect with customers online and offline. Last year, Facebook introduced three marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of online-to-offline ad impacts. Last week, Facebook offered two new options focusing on targeting offline-to-online leads. These tools help brands understand how effective their Facebook ads are for driving foot traffic and how they can retarget people who interact with the business offline. Continue reading

Facebook Live: The Hidden Dangers of the New Technology

Live video streaming has been a step forward for Facebook. It has brought Facebook into the future and it has given its users the ability to share stories instantly. However, the benefits brought by live video streaming come with problems as well. One problem that has recently begun to arise is the misuse of the live video.


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Video Advertising

facebook video advertising

On Wednesday morning Facebook announced plans to unleash new video technology. New features include automatic audio play for videos and a feature that pulls videos to the sidebar as users scroll through their timelines. These changes restructure the way Facebook video advertising is crafted in a number of ways.  Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out On Facebook’s Big Problem: Social Misinformation

We have all been there, scrolling on our Facebook timelines and came across some wild article. Unfortunately what happens from there is up to the reader. Some take what they read on the internet with a grain of salt and fact check, others not so much. Social misinformation occurs because social sites, especially Facebook have a well-established reputation.Lincoln Warning

I know it’s one of the first places I go daily to find out what’s happening in the world. Facebook has trending topics, top news organizations and all my friends who I consider truthful sources of information. But in the wake of an especially confusing election season chock full of mudslinging misinformation, Mark Zuckerberg spoke out about how Facebook is going to combat fake news stories.

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How Donald Trump Leveraged Social Media

The 2016 presidential election was anything but ordinary. This crazy election had polar opposite candidates, zealous supporters, and biased media networks. Social media was one of the most interesting facets of this election. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were extremely active across the big three platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Trump even went so far to say that social media played the key role in his victory.

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Messaging App Telegram One-Ups Facebook Messenger by Revealing New Gaming Features

messaging app telegram
Watch out, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Messaging App Telegram just raised the bar for social networking by adding games to its platform.
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The Donald Trump Show!

Election day is only Facebook Live15 short days away and tensions are high. Both candidates have zealous supporters and even more fervent opposers. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been going head to head for months. Social media has played an enormous part in this election. From Donald Trump’s infamous tweets to Hillary connecting with millennial via Instagram social media has played a vital role in connecting the candidates to voters. And just today Donald Trump’s campaign has announced it’s very own show, The Donald Trump show airing nightly on Facebook Live.

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Facebook Increases Efforts in Campaign for Facebook Live

With the release of Facebook Live in April 2016, Facebook has seen little engagement with their millions of users. How so? This top social media platform should be seeing a high number of results, right?

Facebook Live CampaignFacebook Live is simple and easy to use, yet Facebook users are not using this new tool as the social platform as originally hoped. Because Facebook Live is so personal and well, live, many are uncomfortanle with the broadcasting aspect of the feature. Rather than editing or altering a post, Facebook Live provides a new element to social engagement by generating live content. Continue reading

Why do teens LOVE to use Snapchat?

Why teens use SnapchatIt’s no surprise teenagers love to use social media, they were basically born into it. But what differentiates the channels? Most people know that teens Facebook usage is declining. Piper Jaffray Companies recently completed its 32nd semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” research survey. This survey highlights spending trends and brand preferences amongst 10,000 teens across 46 U.S. states.

In this study, Piper Jaffray discovered that Snapchat is quickly surpassing competing channels and cutting into Facebook’s usage. Snapchat is becoming THE preferred social network for teens.

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Spectacles by Snapchat, Take That Instagram

Yes. The rumors are true. According to Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s beloved CEO, Snapsnapchat-spectacleschat has revealed its Snap Spectacles. The spectacles will be released in the fall of 2016 in three blooming colors: black, teal or coral. These snazzy new sunglasses aren’t just cool because of their futuristic design. Oh no. These spectacles take videotaping to a whole new level. Continue reading

The Open Loop: Are All-In-One Apps the Next Big Thing?

Imagine an all-in-one app that lets you post photos, live stream videos, message other users, purchase items and make other kinds of transactions. This idea of an open loop app is the next big thing, and it’s exactly what companies like Facebook and Snapchat are trying to achieve.

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Facebook’s Redesigned ‘Like’ Button

For years, Facebook users like you have been longing for a “dislike” option to complement the “like” button. Although this never occurred, Facebook finally implemented several other reactions other than “like.” Last week, Facebook redesigned this button, adding five emoji complements: “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”
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