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The Art of Celebrity Baby Annoucements

Celebrity baby announcements, aided with the help of social media, have changed the way celebrities announce their upcoming bundles of joy, and rule the trending themes pages of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for days to come. The fascination with the celebrity lifestyle extends beyond the celebrity themselves, the public becomes obsessed with famous people’s whole lives, including their children and the sheer amount of time and information spent attempting to confirm a pregnancy is evident on many social media platforms. In a world of publicity and obtaining the world’s attention, celebrities have a myriad of ways their lives can become public fodder, but pregnancy might be the largest one.

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The Facebook Data Breach

Facebook’s dislike notification count got a little higher last week after reports of improper data management leaked. London-based company, Cambridge Analytica, shockingly gained access to the personal data of around 50 million Facebook users. Since the Facebook data breach came to light, the Federal Trade Commission announced they would be investigating Facebook’s data practices, and the Facebook stock fluctuated at alarming rates. According to some experts, if you want to hide your information, you may want to consider hitting the “delete profile” button soon.

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Does First Lady Melania Trump Hurt or Help Cyberbullying?

Her husband refers to the leader of North Korea as “Rocket Man,” calls Hilary Clinton “crooked Hilary,” and belittles and demeans people through Twitter. Her goal is to end cyberbullying. First Lady Melania Trump announced she would focus her attention on the issue of cyberbullying during the presidential campaign. Since Donald Trump’s election she gave a speech at a U.N. luncheon and traveled to a couple of middle schools to talk to children about bullying; it is believed that she has not yet formulated a defined program for ending cyberbullying. Given the recent comments made by a Parkland High School shooting survivor, it was time to take a look at what First Lady Melania Trump has done for the complex issue of cyberbullying and determine if she will ever actually be effective at change, assuming she is unwilling to smash her husband’s phone. Continue reading

What are Social Media Management Platforms?

Listen up public relations professionals! This blog contains information about social media management platforms, the latest social media trend that will streamline your communication and shave hours off your workday.

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