Reuse Recycle Repost — The Art of Reviving Your Blog

Reuse, recycle, repost — reviving your blog.

Reuse, recycle, repost — reviving your blog.

Taking a retrospective look at the older content of your blog might have you wondering what your blog is doing for you. For the most part these posts lay dormant, not getting much attention and certainly not driving any traffic to your site. An old post may get a hit once in a blue moon. As time passes it drifts deeper into cyber space and farther from the audience you are trying to reach.

So what can be done to make these old posts work for your blog now? A simple concept that can put your old posts to good use. Reuse, recycle, and repost —  techniques every blogger should know for repurposing old blog posts.

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Writing is a Muscle

Writing is a muscle so FLEX IT. As I write one of my final pieces of writing for school I reflect on my first pieces of writing for school and why it is so important.

In the first grade in Ms. Robinson’s class we traced cursive letters and words in our books everyday. That is wear I literally learned to write. The action itself was the difficult part I wasn’t coming up with my own content yet. Second grade I wrote and illustrated a book describing my Christmas vacation, and after that writing was something we did everyday in school.

Now I am a senior in college with less than three weeks left till graduation and I write with ease. After seventeen years of education I am pretty happy with my writing abilities, but writing is a muscle. I have friends majoring in finance who have not used that muscle in a long time and it has become weak. The act of writing takes only a little bit of time to return to you, but remembering how to build sentences, paragraphs, and arguments is difficult.

Blogging is an excellent way to work the writing muscle. Creating content is challenging, but being a great communicator is rewarding and empowering. Blogging can help flex that writing muscle and prevent it from getting weak. Life is about communication, and if you can communicate well then you should be good at life!


Writing is a muscle. Flex it.

Helping Organizations with Social Media

Participatory budgeting is an amazing program that provides opportunities for regular citizens to be involved in the allocation of local city funds. However, you have probably never heard of this program, even if you live in a city that currently participates! If cities and the actual organization take advantage of social media to get out the word, participatory budgeting may grow rapidly over the next few years. Continue reading

Successful Event Planning

How To Get Your Event Out There!

In order to plan a great party or event, you need to use public relations. How else are you going to get the word out there? Today, more than ever, you need to reach your target audience and the best way to reach them is through social media.

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