Streaming Music Hits Its High

Digital Music Hits A High

Digital Music Hits A High

No longer do you see people listening to their Walkman’s when running down the street. That’s because the days of buying CD’s is long gone. Today, there are millions of songs available to download for free online. Streaming music has taken over due to its continuous inflow of new tracks and the fact that you pay nothing to add it to your most current playlist. Digital music is dominating the music business, from professional musicians to radio broadcasters. Continue reading

See-Through Texting

In the era of texting, more and more users are developing the habit of multitasking.

Texting and walking has become such a common sight to see at college campuses, malls, and other public places. In recent years, the Internet has been circulating with videos of texters walking into objects in public due to their failure to walk and text at the same time. Three years ago, video of a women falling into a water fountain while texting became an overnight sensation. As shown in the video she seems clueless of her surroundings and engrossed in her texting conversation.

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Apple’s CarPlay is Making a Mark on the Auto Industry

Apple CarPlay descriptionFirst it was the auxiliary cable, next USB ports, then a slight upgrade to bluetooth capabilities and now CarPlay, Apple’s new in-car software coming to automobiles this year. Dubbed the “smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in the car,” CarPlay will display the basic functions of the iPhone right on your car’s dashboard instead of holding your iPhone in front of your face or using a finicky phone mount.

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New Disney App Opens the Vault

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures created a new app suitable for iOS, that enables a subscriber to purchase films that are stored in the infamous, Disney Vault. This new app connects with iTunes so the user can download previously purchased Disney, Marvel and Pixar films, or buy a new one.

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Get Your Parking Tickets ‘Fixed’ With New App

Screenshots of Fixed, the parking ticket app

Screenshots curtesy of Fixed and CNN.

We’ve all wondered whether we could miraculously navigate traffic laws to successfully dispute a totally undeserved parking ticket. Fixed, hitting the app store this week, aims to aid those who feel the wrath of the meter-maid and want to fight the injustice of unfair parking tickets. While parking tickets can be infuriating and expensive, Fixed not only helps you fight a parking ticket, it actually submits the legal paperwork for you. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

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Bringing Photos Back into Frames

In the past few years, with the development of Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and all the other digital photo sharing applications, printing out hard copy photographs has become less and less popular. Whether it is the inconvenience, since most of our pictures are taken from our phones these days, the cost, or just pure laziness, it is unfortunate that our photos are all stuck on a computer screen and the walls of our homes are standing bare. Continue reading

Do You Want To Smell Your Iphone Notifications?



According to the Los Angeles Times, a company called “Scentee” created a device that releases a small spray of fragrance every time you receive a notification. The small white device plugs into the phone’s earphone jack and incorporates the use of an LED light along with releasing a scent. The company offers scents such as strawberry, coffee, lavender, and mint. Continue reading

Christmas Tech List

As Halloween approaches, it’s hard not to start thinking about Thanksgiving and inevitably it’s cousin Christmas, and all the goodies you would love to find under the Christmas tree. So I have compiled not just any old Christmas Wish List but a Christmas Tech List of all the cool digital gadgets that I and maybe you would love brimming out of the stocking this year! From TVs, to tablets, to apps and more!

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New Handwriting Feature Released for Google Translate 2.0

Yesterday, Google released Google Translate version 2.0 for iOS, an app that can translate your handwriting. Test input, voice translations and handwritten text are now all included in the updated app. The app translates your handwritten characters into your native language by checking the Google Translate display at the top of your screen.

Google Translate

More than 70 languages are supported by the application with 49 of the different languages being supported by the handwriting feature of the application. The handwriting can even be read aloud to you in your desired language. 7 new languages including, Bosnian, Cebuano, Lao, Marathi, Hmong, Javanese and Khmer, are also now available for translation.

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We are Big Brother

How did it come to this? We are Big Brother.

boston bomber

Everyone has the ability to take a picture or video at the press of a button, and when anything even remotely exciting happens around someone that is exactly what they do.

Walking around in a public place you will notice how at least 50% of the people you see are on their phones. People are constantly, texting, calling, searching, and tweeting, but the moment someone nearby starts to get in an argument or do anything attention worthy peoples fingers are on the camera button.

I don’t like this. I feel like I am constantly under surveillance by the people around me. Big Brother. People used to worry about the government listening in and watching everyone secretly, but it’s the random citizens around you that will take a picture of you at an in opportune time and put it on the Internet.  The surveillance though is not all bad.

The Boston bombers were caught walking around on fuzzy street cameras, but the pictures taken on peoples smart phones before and right after the bombs went off is what incriminated them. The videos have them as suspects, but the phone pictures have them caught red handed. Without peoples smart phone pictures the FBI would not have been able to get a good identifiable photo out to the press.

Camera phones make the world a safer place, but make no mistake. The government isn’t big brother. We are.