Would You Buy The Starbucks “Black Card” ?

I don’t know about you but I do not understand the concept of the American Express Black Card. You have to pay some absurd amount of money each year in order to have the card, and you have to spend upwards of $150,000 per year just on that card to maintain it! So, when Starbucks announced that they would be producing their version of the “Black Card” for the second year in a row, I was a bit dumbfounded.


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A Glance Back At The Best 4 Years Of My Life

I don’t even know where to start when writing this blog. There are so many memories, pictures, conversations, and inside jokes from the last 4 years running through my mind. I guess I will begin my blog by reminiscing about the search for a roommate, and the place where it all started… Boaz Hall circa 2010.


Before school even started I remember the panic I felt when I realized I needed to find a roommate. I  frantically turned to “SMU’s Class of 2014”  Facebook page and began rapid firing messages to girls who ‘looked’ like they would potentially be good roommates (pretty profile pictures, cute clothes, looked fun?). It should have been titled “Online Dating: Roommate Edition,” because that was essentially what we were doing… Continue reading

Do’s and Don’t’s of Facebook Couples


Love is a wonderful thing, and finding love is an even more wonderful thing. Some people meet their soul mates on the playground in their youth, in their High School cafeteria, on orientation day of college, love finds people at different stages throughout their lives. Thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, we as outsiders are guaranteed a front row view to some of the most lovey dovey, lip smackingly, obnoxiously happy, couples in the Facebook world! Continue reading

Do You Want To Smell Your Iphone Notifications?



According to the Los Angeles Times, a company called “Scentee” created a device that releases a small spray of fragrance every time you receive a notification. The small white device plugs into the phone’s earphone jack and incorporates the use of an LED light along with releasing a scent. The company offers scents such as strawberry, coffee, lavender, and mint. Continue reading

Snapchat: Is Your Privacy Safe?



Snapchat: Privacy Details Revealed 

Snapchat Director of Operations Micah Schaffer revealed to the Snapchat community earlier this week that Snapchat willingly works with law enforcement officials and provides them with unopened Snaps when necessary. According to Schaffer, the company sticks to their original claim that Snaps are deleted from the company’s server once they are opened by the recipient. But, there is a slight glitch in the system when it comes to unopened Snaps. In order for a Snapchat to be deleted from their server, it must be opened. Therefore, if a Snap isn’t opened by a recipient, it will stay on the company’s server until it is deleted. Continue reading

Brand Battles on Twitter: Oreo vs. AMC Theatres


Twitter is becoming a new means of communication, specifically for company’s that wish to voice their opinions, concerns, and comments regarding their competitors. This new type of communication has been given the title “brand battles,”and these brand battles have become extremely prevalent throughout twitter. Although they are not nearly as entertaining as the feuds between celebrities, there are surely some brand battles that should not be missed.  Continue reading

The New Fad: Digital Autographs



Google announces that they will have Major League Soccer player Darlington Nagbe sign exclusive ” digital autographs” for his fans while he hosts a  Google+ hangout this upcoming monday. Google explains that after fans ask questions, Nagbe will digitally sign a photo of himself on a tablet which will then be emailed to the recipients. Continue reading

Is Online Dating Becoming Too “Normal” ?



Online and “App” dating are becoming increasingly popular, and with the introduction of new technology, researchers estimate that these forms of dating will only become more intimate. When someone thinks of online dating, one would not normally use “intimate” as one of the adjectives to describe this process. According to Match.com, the site is planning to integrate the use of facial recognition technology, which would allow its users the ability to highlight their least and most favorable traits for a potential suitor. Is the use of facial recognition technology going to change the online dating world for the worse? Continue reading

Miley Cyrus vs. iOS 7

The launch of the new iOS 7 operating system has garnered many different opinions from people around the world. There are those that feel as though they are in a new “anime” film, and those that feel that the new operating system is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. But, who takes the cake for the most unimportant, irrelevant, and unnecessary criticism of the new Apple system?

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Is The iPhone 5C Making Apple Less Exclusive?


At Apple’s product unveiling this past Tuesday, the company announced that it will finally be introducing a new budget friendly iPhone called the “iPhone 5C.”  The iPhone 5C will be encased in plastic rather than the normal metal casing and will come in a variety of colors. To countries outside the United States this is a dream come true as  many cellular companies nationwide do not offer plans that are subsidized with customer agreements and contracts. Continue reading