Brand Battles on Twitter: Oreo vs. AMC Theatres


Twitter is becoming a new means of communication, specifically for company’s that wish to voice their opinions, concerns, and comments regarding their competitors. This new type of communication has been given the title “brand battles,”and these brand battles have become extremely prevalent throughout twitter. Although they are not nearly as entertaining as the feuds between celebrities, there are surely some brand battles that should not be missed.  Continue reading

Oreo Addictions Give Cocaine a Run for its Money

In a recent study at Connecticut College, researchers have found the scrumptious Oreo cookie snack to be just as addictive as cocaine, giving the expression “this ‘stuf’ is like crack” a whole new meaning. Neuroscience professor Joseph Schroeder and four undergraduate students used rats in two experiments to observe their behavior and brain activity when injected with drugs compared to when fed Oreos. Continue reading

Social Media During the Super Bowl Blackout

During the Super Bowl this past weekend, every facility manager’s worst nightmare came true, the lights went out. Well, not all of the lights, but enough to stop the biggest television event of the year. Most viewers filled the time with Twitter, Facebook, or simply changed the channel.

In every crisis, there is opportunity. For a number of brands, this Super Bowl blackout, was the prime time for free advertising on social media. Continue reading