Amazon Cancelled Its Rumored Live TV Streaming Service

As technology evolves, more and more people are cutting the cords on cable and satellite in favor of streaming services. When was the last time someone asked you to “Comcast and chill?” A recent survey from GfK found that 30% of US Millennials don’t use cable or satellite.Amazon cancelled its rumored live TV streaming service Competition among streaming services increases as more companies launch their own versions. Until today, consumers believed that one company was stepping up their game. That changed with the announcement that Amazon cancelled its rumored live TV streaming service. Continue reading

Facebook Live: The Hidden Dangers of the New Technology

Live video streaming has been a step forward for Facebook. It has brought Facebook into the future and it has given its users the ability to share stories instantly. However, the benefits brought by live video streaming come with problems as well. One problem that has recently begun to arise is the misuse of the live video.

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Skinny Minnie: Not-So-Pretty

Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This quote was one of the most popular memes of 2016. Young girls and women alike have posted and retweeted this as “fitness” inspiration. Unfortunately, this quote is not the only form of unwarranted, unhealthy physical propaganda; especially within the social media sphere. Continue reading

Spectacles by Snapchat, Take That Instagram

Yes. The rumors are true. According to Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s beloved CEO, Snapsnapchat-spectacleschat has revealed its Snap Spectacles. The spectacles will be released in the fall of 2016 in three blooming colors: black, teal or coral. These snazzy new sunglasses aren’t just cool because of their futuristic design. Oh no. These spectacles take videotaping to a whole new level. Continue reading

Media: Combining Advertising and Public Relations

Although advertising and public relations both fall on the same side of clients’ balance sheets as staff functions, they have lived in separate offices for many years. Each of them produces media; however, they usually differ.

There are many differences between advertising and public relations that make them unique. A paid source of media is advertising. Advertising provides a guarantee that the client’s goods or services will be placed in the publics’ eye. Advertising’s complete creative control makes the messages targeted and purposeful. An earned source of media is public relations. The media and its viewers hold the lifespan of the organic content produced by public relations. Continue reading

Social Media: a Tool for Political Campaigns

How do you want to receive your news about the upcoming presidential election? You can watch the news and debates on TV, or you may read the newspaper for your daily update. Now, you can also turn to social media to learn more about it. As the election approaches, social media has been improving political campaigns.Social Media: a Tool for Political Campaigns Continue reading

Uber Sends Puppy Love for Valentine’s Day

In need of a break during your long work day? Uber is here for you. At the touch of a button, people were able to receive puppy love in various cities as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat last week. The ride-sharing service teamed up with various animal shelters to melt your hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's Day Continue reading

Improve Your Snapchat Game: Super Bowl Edition

Back in the day, before the emersion of social media, Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest day for football fans. Friends and family gathered to enjoy the football game, as well as the entertaining commercials. Today, much more plays into the Super Bowl than just football and fun commercial breaks. Social media has stepped in to improve people’s Super Bowl experience and to promote brands.

Improve Your Snapchat Game: Super Bowl Edition


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Twitter Campaigning: Social Media in the 2016 Presidential Election

Presidential campaigns spend millions of dollars each year on radio and television ads, but for the 2016 election this money is a waste. Presidential Candidates must look to social media for rankings, free advertisement, analyticVoter pin with the words"every tweet counts".s, fundraising, public feedback and opinion, engage with young voters, and immediate response to controversy.

More voters are receiving their news from social media and the 2016 presidential candidates are taking advantage of this medium. Social media is a tool for campaigns to reach out to Millennials and gain momentum in the polls and recognition in the news. Twitter has become imperative for candidates to use to gain the public eye and attention of potential voters.

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Everything Digital = Everything to Lose? How the Tech Generation May be Getting Set Up to Fail

When discussing with a peer his ambition to run for a position on his local School Board, the issue on the forefront of his campaign was to cut the funding for and requirement of purchasing iPads for all middle and high tech generation students. Plot twist- this perspective comes not from a technologically challenged, micro-managing parent, but rather from a tech-savvy, avid device user, sophomore at Southern Methodist University.

Unfortunately, a Pew Research Center study has confirmed our grandparent’s rants about the negative implications of staring at a screen all day. A whopping 87% of teachers in the study, joined by the College Board and the National Writing Project, reported that technology is creating an “easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” 64% of both middle and high school professors stated that today’s digital technologies “do more to distract students than to help them academically.” 

Students of the tech generation can't help but get distracted by the hundreds of non-educational purposes, such as Photo Booth, that the iPad initiative invites into the classroom.

Students getting distracted by their iPads in a Los Angeles classroom.

Director of the Pew Internet Project Lee Rainie hit the nail on the head when remarking that the tremendously overpowering influence of modern day technology may be attributed to the inability of students to understand how to master time management at such young ages.  “Multi-tasking” has become a casual phrase referring to how our brains should function in this day and age, with the expectation that humans are able to comprehend and retain information while receiving and sending text messages with various people, listening to lyric-stuffed music, with various online shopping windows up, and while regularly glancing at overflowing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat feeds, etc. Why, and how, is it that the biggest culprit of distraction has become the turned to tool for educating the youth?

Loosely titled the “iPad Initiative,” the break up between school districts and textbooks has become an epidemic as tablet computers are being utilized as a tool to help implement the new Common Core state standards for math and reading. The separation has had its positives, though, such as financial savings, lighter backpacks, and providing students with technology and internet awareness. The iPad Initiative provides instant information at students’ fingertips, which is both a blessing and a curse. There is a difference between information and knowledge:

Information – facts provided or learned about something or someone.

Knowledge – facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Although these nouns are used universally and interchangeably, it is pivotal that the tech generation is enlightened on the true difference between the two. The iPad initiative teaches only how to access information, without pushing students to both absorb and comprehend that information and make it knowledge.

Apps have potential to revolutionize wrist PR

Most people don’t think about PR and wrists together, but then again, the Apple Watch wasn’t out either.  Apple Watch coupled with apps designed specifically for it – opens a whole new world of PR possibilities  – not just at our fingertips but now right above our hands.

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