Learn to Pitch on Twitter: A New Way to Reach Journalists

Forget picking up the phone, learn to pitch on Twitter

In the profession of PR, clients often expect to have their news covered in the media. But how do you pitch reporters that do not answer the phone or check their email? If done correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for story pitching. It may take a while to get used to, but many PR professionals have learned to pitch on Twitter. Even though this breaks all rules of traditional pitching, it can easily become a great resource. Continue reading

Apps have potential to revolutionize wrist PR

Most people don’t think about PR and wrists together, but then again, the Apple Watch wasn’t out either.  Apple Watch coupled with apps designed specifically for it – opens a whole new world of PR possibilities  – not just at our fingertips but now right above our hands.

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Vine is PR Divine

After reading the article, “2 Tips for PR Pros to Add Vine to the Communications Mix” (http://www.prnewsonline.com/water-cooler/2013/04/24/2-tips-for-pr-pros-to-add-vine-to-the-communications-mix/) by Matthew Schwartz, I can say that I recommend Vine to all my other fellow PR collegues . For those who don’t know, Vine was created by Twitter as an extra mobile app that allows you to make and post video clips. The most fun part, in my opinion, is that it only films when you hold down the bottom, allowing you to only film exactly what you want while skipping around what you don’t and without wasting too much time. This is because each video can only last a maximum of six seconds. However, in this day and age, no one has any time – or at least they think they don’t.  Everyone today is so impatient that this has become the perfect tool for “PR pros and communicators to convey a quick message or, at the least, supplement an existing message on another media channel”(Schwartz). Basically, because of Vine’s growing popularity, those who work in PR should jump the gun on this free, easy to use application.  Apparently I am not the only one convinced that Vine has become the next great thing.  Jason Woodward, a digital/social media associate at Hunter Public Relations also agrees. However, he believes that PR professionals need to know two things before they begin using Vine. The first tip Woodward gives is that “Brands can tell stories on Vine that they know their viewers will watch all the way to the end”(Woodward). This is because, as I’ve mentioned, no one in this day in age has the time anymore but people are more likely to actually watch the vine video to completion due to its short length. Also, because the Vine video span is so short it leaves no room for a brand to do anything but tell their story right away, getting straight to the point. The second thing Woodward says is that “Content is still king, but creativity has become the prince”(Woodward). However, because the vines video span is so short, content is the most important thing in your marketing message. You must be creative and because you cannot edit.  You really need to master this to gain the attention of others, which I believe gets the real message across because this means there is no room to mislead viewers. I know when I get my first job at a PR firm this is the first thing I am going to encourage them to use, if they aren’t already!