Skinny Minnie: Not-So-Pretty

Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This quote was one of the most popular memes of 2016. Young girls and women alike have posted and retweeted this as “fitness” inspiration. Unfortunately, this quote is not the only form of unwarranted, unhealthy physical propaganda; especially within the social media sphere. Continue reading

Instagram Finally Made the Desperately Needed Change

After months of testing on both Android and iOS, Instagram finally made the desperately needed change and has announced the official launch of using multiple accounts simultaneously through one device. With so many users managing more than one account, this new feature will make life a bit easier to juggle in terms of social media.  Continue reading

A Storm’s a Brewin…Over Social Media and over Mexico’s Pacific Coast

As winds are blowing at over 200 mph towards Mexico’s Pacific coast, Hurricane Patricia is being projected as the “strongest hurricane ever recorded.” Not only is the storm brewing as it makes its way towards landfall, but it is also gaining headway in the digital communication and social media world. With communication mediums including e-mail, Twitter, Instagram and their website, just SMU alone has both notified and warned the community of the severe weather conditions approaching.

In addition, the SMU community has contributed to the frenzy of weather updates through personal communication methods such as Snapchats, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Cars floating along the Boulevard and Cox Business library being flooded are just some of the posts that have been circulating around campus, greatly contributing to the panic and fear of what is yet to come.

As a result of the storm, part of the SMU Cox Business library flooded, and was shared via social media with the student body.

As a result of the storm, part of the SMU Cox Business library flooded, and was shared via social media with the student body.

This SnapChat, provided by an SMU student, shows a car floating, rather than driving, down the SMU Boulevard.

This Snapchat, provided by an SMU student, shows a car floating, rather than driving, down the SMU Boulevard.













As a result, rather than focusing attention on the effects that Hurricane Patricia is having on its actual victims, social media is highlighting only the backlash effects that Dallas is experiencing. Although in this case social media is being beneficially utilized to get the word out about potential weather risks locally, equal media attention is not being given to where the storm is expected to devastate and destroy the lives of hundreds.


5 Websites You Need To Bookmark

Here, I’ve compiled 5 websites you probably haven’t hear of, but will simplify or improve your life with just a few clicks!

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Unless you’re closing chip bags with bottle caps, color coding your electric cords, and removing strawberry stems with a straw, you’re clearly not hacking life. Discover simple yet genius ways to do every day tasks more efficiently.

Account Killer:

Remember when you started a Vine and posted 9 videos of your cat? What about that Flickr from high school? Ever wonder where those videos and pictures went?

Delete those never used, potentially embarrassing online accounts with account killer.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes:

Studys show that taking 2 mintues to relax actually increase productivity. Challenge yourself with Do Nothing for 2 Minutes; step away from your email, phone and spreadsheets and unwind.

@God – Wait, What?! How Social Media & Communications is Expanding the SMU Catholic Community


Being raised in a conservative Catholic family, one of the most important values instilled was tradition. This value quite frequently comes into conflict with the not-so traditional ideals of the millennial generation. The only form of church “social media” was the old-school stock-paper weekly newsletter that was distributed to churchgoers as they exited Mass. Unfortunately, the few newsletters that were accepted were in turn used as a plate to pile on as many of the warm, highly coveted end-of-mass donuts that were served by volunteers immediately after every Sunday morning service. Absolutely an incentive to get out of bed at 8:45 on a Sunday.

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Top 5 Mistakes Millennials Make in the Office

Millennials have many strengths from being tech savvy to not taking no for an answer, but sometimes this hard headedness can become an issue in an office setting. Here are five of the most common mistakes they make in the office, and how to avoid them.

Multiethnic Group of People Social Networking at Cafe

Mistake #1: Not Doing Your Homework.

You should come into an interview knowing all there is to know about the company you are interviewing for. This will make you look more informed during the interview itself, and will project the image the company is seeking. If you get the job, do your best to understand the inner workings of the company; with a greater overall picture, you will better understand your role in the company, and impress the higher ups along the way.

Mistake #2: Being Late.

Employers will always note your punctuality; being on time is not only expected, but it is required. Chronic tardiness says something more about you than your wake up time, it can turn into your defining trait. Instead, be early; this shows initiative and a strong work ethic, both vital characteristics of a good employee.

Mistake #3: Dressing Inappropriately.

Perhaps it is the fault of our all-too-casual generation, or an unclear office dress code, but the bottom line is the way you dress affects how people view you.

Here’s a short list of the major office faux pas: spaghetti straps, sheer clothes, work out gear, shorts, bandeau skirts, and flip-flops. In short, if you’d wear it to the club or a BBQ, it should probably not be worn at the office.

Mistake #4: Having Questionable Images on Social Media.

Spring break- it happened, it was documented, but it shouldn’t be accessible to your employer. Aside from the obvious substances that should not be on your profile, bikinis, clubbing, and partying pictures should be set on restricted view. You never know who will come across your profile, and you want to present yourself in the most professional way possible.

Mistake #5: Acting Like A Boss.

Especially in a big company, acting like you own the place on day 1 is a huge mistake. Accept the territory that comes with being new, and do your best to absorb the surrounding information rather than acting like you know everything right off the bat. Hard work will always beat the cool factor when you’re new, so tread lightly.

Millenials often get a bad rap for being the “me” generation or not working hard, but all of us are building our careers and are ready and eager to learn. We will undoubtedly make more mistakes than the five listed here, but if you get these down, you can move on to refining yourself further in your career.

The Art of De-stressing for Millennials

Breathe in, breathe out. It all sounds so simple, but taking a few moments each day to reflect and relax can make all the difference in how you deal with life’s speed bumps. Whether you find yourself juggling your heavy collegiate course load to entering into your first entry-level job, learning the art of de-stressing can let your mind rest easy in today’s hustle-bustle world.


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Social Media Strategies

As the world becomes increasingly evolved into an age of technological advancement, our daily lives become overwhelmed with more and more digital communication. It seems as if all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships to business strategies, are turning to social media. It has quickly become a relied upon tool to instantly communicate relevant information, keep the population well-informed on current events, as well as to gather support and awareness for a organization or cause. While social media can have a vast amount of success, it can in turn pose detrimental repercussion if it is not executed appropriately. Social strategies are required in order to achieve the organizational purpose and use of social media.

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A Reflection on My Collegiate Years

Everyone says, “College is the best four years of your life.” I think college is what you make of it. I hope college isn’t the best four years of my life because I have big plans in my future, and how I spent all of my time at SMU wasn’t how I dreamed college would be. When reflecting on my collegiate years, I cannot help but feel thankful and disappointed. Two powerful emotions dramatically crashing against each other.  Continue reading

The Final Lap to Come….Studying Abroad

With three years of college done, the final lap has begun.

As a junior in college it has definitely been the most difficult year. This was the first year I had to juggle work and going to class full time while still staying involved on campus. As a member of the SMU Service House, I was required to complete over 60 hours of community service and serve on a committee. Junior year was filled with lots of stress and tears but it did not stop me from enjoying the opportunities that came knocking on my door.

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