No Passwords are Safe

Security Failures Leave Passwords Vulnerable to Attacks

In the last few days every Internet user has worried about changing their passwords. Which ones to change, which ones to leave the same. There has yet to be a definitive answer. Heartbleed, a major flaw that made vulnerable passwords and other confidential user information this past week, is not the first flaw to impact Internet users and it definitely will not be the last.

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Google Fiber Plans to Expands Its Network of Super Fast Internet

What Does Google Fiber Mean For the Future?

Google Fiber is a high-speed Internet service that has the potential to change the Internet as we know it.  It is nearly 100 times faster than most of the current high-speed Internet connections.  This means you could download a movie or an entire album of music in only a few seconds.  It also means that there is very little buffering time, which makes Netflix marathons even easier.  Continue reading

Keep Your Internet Usage Private and Better Secure Yourself

According to Intel, every minute 639,800 gigabytes of information are transmitted around the net. Unfortunately, in that same minute, twenty people find themselves victims of identity theft. Many more find themselves victims of less nefarious actions such as data mining. Data mining occurs when your Internet behavior is tracked, profiled and then stored. This information is often then sold to advertisers and/or government agencies. This means that every click, website visit, purchase etc. does not go unnoticed. In order to keep your information private and provide yourself with a better sense of security here are some top tips to keep your Internet usage private:

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What It Means to Be Unfollowed on Twitter


Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus yet again made national news when she “unfollowed” her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. Older generations, like our parents seemed to wonder why this would make national news. Our generation on the other hand, thought “oh no she didn’t”. Being unfollowed is a new social networking tactic our generation can use to be mean.

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Impact of the New Internet Sales Tax on Small Business

sales tax image

On Monday night, the Senate passed a bill which aims to make it easier for states to collect sales taxes for purchases made online. Although this may be beneficial for state governments, small online retailers are beginning to worry about the bill’s potentially large impact on their business.

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