Google Fiber Plans to Expands Its Network of Super Fast Internet

What Does Google Fiber Mean For the Future?

Google Fiber is a high-speed Internet service that has the potential to change the Internet as we know it.  It is nearly 100 times faster than most of the current high-speed Internet connections.  This means you could download a movie or an entire album of music in only a few seconds.  It also means that there is very little buffering time, which makes Netflix marathons even easier. 

Google Fiber might have extremely fast Internet speeds, but it takes time to build.  In order for Google Fiber to work properly, wires must be

installed in each neighborhood and city.  Because of this, it is currently available in only three markets, Kansas City, Austin, and Provo.  However, Google Fiber has recently announced plans to expand into 34 new markets including Nashville, Phoenix, Charlotte, Atlanta, San

Antonio, Portland, and Salt Lake City.  This expansion will take some time due to the difficult installation process that includes working with each city’s leader, on an individual basis, in order to map out the extensive networks in detail.

Regardless of these difficulties, the company hopes to expand to even more cities in the near future.  As the fiber technology expands, the ability to video chat online, download pictures and movies, and store

Google Fiber

files online will become much easier.  With faster Internet at our fingertips, the ability to communicate, share files, and access different entertainment mediums seem endless.  Fiber seems to be the beginning of a new and improved Internet.  Google is only one provider of the fiber technology, but it seems to be expanding at an accelerated rate.