Miley Cyrus: Superstar or Giant Publicity Stunt?



Over the span of this decade Miley Cyrus has transformed from a Disney Channel sweetheart, to emerging young adult singer, to now gracing the cover of every tabloid magazine as a “hot mess.” However is Miley’s rapid transformation from good girl to wild child a true display of character, or a giant publicity stunt?

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What It Means to Be Unfollowed on Twitter


Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus yet again made national news when she “unfollowed” her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. Older generations, like our parents seemed to wonder why this would make national news. Our generation on the other hand, thought “oh no she didn’t”. Being unfollowed is a new social networking tactic our generation can use to be mean.

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Miley Cyrus vs. iOS 7

The launch of the new iOS 7 operating system has garnered many different opinions from people around the world. There are those that feel as though they are in a new “anime” film, and those that feel that the new operating system is exactly what they’ve been waiting for. But, who takes the cake for the most unimportant, irrelevant, and unnecessary criticism of the new Apple system?

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