Sky Ferreira Second Album

35195c43As many already know Sky Ferreira has recently finished her Night Time, My Time tour throughout the U.S. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all over because she’s already working on her second album and we have the tour to thank. Long drives to different cities has not gone to waste because it’s inspired Ferreira and given her time to write new songs.  Continue reading

Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts Used To Track US Music Conversation

Billboard and social media network Twitter announced a multi-year partnership to create Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. 

Expected to launch in the upcoming weeks, Billboard announced on March 27, 2014 Billboard Twitter Real-Time charts that will track US music conversation occurring over millions of tweets sent each day. By combining the authority of the Billboard charts and the opinion of Twitter users, these charts will be based off of real-time data in order to rank music.


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Music Programming Value Online Part II

There are plenty of music on-demand and curated radio streams out there, and the options continue growing. This is part II of multichannel providers as a music programming value proposition. Listen to Music Choice, AUPEO! and Sky.FM as options for multichannel streams, and  Jazz Radio along with Hearts of Space for genre-specific audiences.

 music programming value

Music providers = Advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities

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MTV Artists App Does It All

MTV Artists App

MTV Artists App for the iPhone takes MTV back to its music origins. The new app that was released Thursday, gives users an inside look at their favorite artists, new music and concert tickets all in one convenient location.

One feature of the app allows users to search for artists to view pictures and videos, and to learn more about the artists through biographies, band histories and interview segments. The app also gives you an overview of the artist by grabbing quick audio clips from Rhapsody through its “top 10 songs in 90 seconds” feature.

Another feature that the app has, similar to Shazam, allows users to tap the Song ID button to identify the song that they are currently listening to. Once the app identifies the song, all it takes is one tap to be transferred to the iTunes Store to purchase the song just researched.

The app also has a feature similar to Ticketmaster, to view concert dates and buy tickets to upcoming concerts. The app then transfers you to the mobile site of different sites such as Ticketmaster or StubHub to make your final transactions.

While the MTV Artists App for the iPhone won’t be your primary application to listen to music, it is a comprehensive app that provides you with information on artists you’re interested in as well as finding new music. The app is now available in the iTunes Store.

Multichannel Music Radio Part I

In a market saturated with music choices, variety is the spice of life. On-demand streaming, algorithm-based, satellite and radio portals offer benefits, but in the music mishmash of the web, well programmed multichannel music radio stations are a valuable option when one does not have time to make a choice. Listen to AccuRadio, HotMix Radio and Batanga Radio and think of niche-audience touch points for brands.

Multichannel music radio

Think $ and Listen Beyond The Obvious Channels

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Google Makes Music an Interactive Visual Art

Just when you thought Arcade Fire couldn’t get any more psychedelic, some geeks stepped in to make a video experience that would make John Lennon blush. Creators at Google have designed a platform with an interactive short film for the band’s song “Reflektor,” allowing the audience to manipulate videography using a smart phone and a computer.

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Concert Window

Who has $100 to pay for a concert ticket? Many people definitely do not have the time or money to go through the hassle of trying to buy tickets at astronomical prices. A new startup called Concert Window is attempting to create a system that will broadcast live concerts over the Web. Continue reading

Humble & Hip: Dustin Cavazos

Catch him in the bike lane riding around Oak Cliff or the neighborhood hot spot Bishop Arts District. The humble Dustin Cavazos is an unorthodox rapper/producer/songwriter. Rather than surrender to the stereotypical profane staccato sound we now know as rap, Dustin uses his eloquent lexicon in his newest album, In and out of Sleep. Continue reading