The Last Semester

With a fair share of obstacles I have finished the first semester of my last  year at Southern Methodist University. It has been more than an ordinary college experience, but test of my resilience.

Being a product of the Dallas Independent School District, I am certainly grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the prestigious university SMU. I have been lucky enough to have found  ‘SMU’s Gem,’ as Katie put it, the Communication Studies Department. I feel confident in my area of study and I will be applying what I have learned very soon. I am hoping to get an internship in the Sports or Event Planning field.

I will be taking Summer I & II courses. I will also finally be able to play Co-ed Softball, as I have missed out on for a year due to my studies.  I play catcher, and I am really excited. I also plan to attend  a few boxing cards to network with some of Dallas’ coaches, promoters, and fighters.  Opening more doors means I may have a chance at working for the major promotion companies.

Fall 2013 will be my last semester. Wow, that feels good to say. I think I might just say it again. Fall 2013 will be  my last semester. If everything goes as planned I will only be enrolled in nine credit hours. All in all, I am so proud to be a Mutang, and I look forward to the challenges ahead.


Think Before You Tweet

Social Media has become a platform for show and tell. We live in the, “everyone gets a trophy,” and “look at me, I’m different,” generation. It is no surprise that more and more people are crossing social media boundaries. Continue reading

Humble & Hip: Dustin Cavazos

Catch him in the bike lane riding around Oak Cliff or the neighborhood hot spot Bishop Arts District. The humble Dustin Cavazos is an unorthodox rapper/producer/songwriter. Rather than surrender to the stereotypical profane staccato sound we now know as rap, Dustin uses his eloquent lexicon in his newest album, In and out of Sleep. Continue reading

Sneakerheads: Getting ‘Kick’ed to the Curb

Shoe connoisseurs now have to camp out close to their computers  rather than waiting in line for days to get their pair. The “Midnight Release” craze has resulted in tragedy too often for Nike to ignore. As of last spring Nike has decided you must RSVP via Twitter to ‘cop’ a pair of these limited edition shoes. A link to a video is embedded below to give you an idea of just how crazy it can get.

Midnight Release Craze

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