Interview Questions You Need to Know Before Your Next Interview

Whether it is over the phone or in-person, interviews can be scary. You want to say the right thing and leave a good, lasting impression. Of course, you should dress professionally, be kind, and act professionally. However, some interviews can go south quickly once you are asked a question you were not prepared for. Below is a list of interview questions you need to know before your next interview. Brainstorm your answers for these questions to lower your chance of getting flustered in your next interview. Make sure to also highlight your digital communication skills when answering these questions.

interview questions you need to know before your next interview... man sitting at a desk with his resumé in front of him
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Does First Lady Melania Trump Hurt or Help Cyberbullying?

Her husband refers to the leader of North Korea as “Rocket Man,” calls Hilary Clinton “crooked Hilary,” and belittles and demeans people through Twitter. Her goal is to end cyberbullying. First Lady Melania Trump announced she would focus her attention on the issue of cyberbullying during the presidential campaign. Since Donald Trump’s election she gave a speech at a U.N. luncheon and traveled to a couple of middle schools to talk to children about bullying; it is believed that she has not yet formulated a defined program for ending cyberbullying. Given the recent comments made by a Parkland High School shooting survivor, it was time to take a look at what First Lady Melania Trump has done for the complex issue of cyberbullying and determine if she will ever actually be effective at change, assuming she is unwilling to smash her husband’s phone. Continue reading

A Possible DFW Music Festival Has Potential

The Dallas Fort Worth area has a lot to offer. The food scene is top notch, the nightlife is unparalleled, the museums are impressive and business is booming. When compared to cities such as Austin, Houston or New Orleans it is easy to see why so many people choose to live in Dallas. However, there still seems to be something missing for an SMU senior with a big plan. This plan, if all goes smoothly, could mean a DFW music festival. Continue reading

Google Emerges into Mobile Payment Industry

We’re seeing quick progression in online shopping trends, so it makes sense that we’re also seeing the mobile payment industry increase. Forget carrying around your wallet or having to take your card out to make an online purchase. Google is catching up with services like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo with their own service called ‘Pay with Google’.  Continue reading

Cars with Amazon Echo Begins with Mercedes-Benz

Cars with Amazon Echo PC: The Verge

Home Concierge Device Moves Into Cars

Mercedes-Benz is now equipping all of their 2016 and 2017 cars with Amazon Echo and Google home, ultimately expanding its smart home capabilities to the road.

The voice enabled assistant is capable of making to-do lists, providing real time information, ordering groceries, music playback, and much more. Mercedes-Benz is now adapting this luxury into their vehicles. Continue reading

Pinterest Like Button

*N'Sync's Justin Timberlake waving goodbye to the Pinterest "like" buttonSay goodbye to the Pinterest like button. In an effort to differentiate itself from other photo-driven social media platforms, Pinterest is eliminating it’s like button. Earlier this week, Pinterest said pinners did not notice a difference between liking and saving pins. So, pinners saved pins instead of liking them. Pinterest’s research discovered removing the like button made pinning easier for users like you.  Continue reading

Hootsuite For Business

Hootsuite For Business

Hootsuite allows businesses to manage their social applications easily. Easily viewing each application enables businesses to make sure their messaging is consistent. Consistent messaging is very important. Each social media application a business runs must push the same content. Confusing consumers is easy if content doesn’t match. Confusing consumers means businesses risk losing viable customers. Continue reading

Pinterest for Business: Maximizing the Platform.

Pinterest Logo, maximizing platform

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest is a viable social marketing tool for many businesses. The platform allows users to “pin” items and ideas that interest them. Pins are then categorized into various “boards.” Essentially, pinning a page means saving it, and boards are like virtual file folders. Users may then go back and use their boards to make purchasing decisions, or for other inspiration.

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Social Media Usage

Image of social media apps on smartphone, showing mobile, social media usage dependency

Social media smartphone apps

Social media usage is higher now than ever before. Admit it, you check Facebook while you’re waiting for your fried to arrive. You see what’s trending on Twitter to see what’s happening now. Avoiding social media seems nearly impossible. Recent studies show an increase in social media usage since 2012. Widespread access to social media makes it easier to stay connected and essential to communicating and keeping in touch with modern society.  Continue reading

Hater Dating App

Hates from Hater profile, ranging from "having nothing to do" to "carpool karaoke"

Profile of “hates” on new Hater dating app

Did you think it was possible to fall in love over a mutual hatred for cargo shorts? Online dating apps and programs usually match you and a potential partner based on mutual attraction, things that you both like or things that you are both interested in. This formulaic style of online match-making just got turned on its head. The new Hater dating app looks to find you love based on how much you hate something. Continue reading

Maximizing Instagram for Business Purposes



Instagram Icon


Instagram is a thriving social media platform for individuals and businesses alike. The app enables photos to be shared privately or publicly. Private accounts allow individuals to choose who may see their photos, while public accounts can be viewed by anyone. Businesses typically use public accounts, allowing customers to easily view, like and follow their Instagram.


Businesses may focus on two primary audiences when using Instagram. The first is existing customers. Existing customers may follow the brand’s account to keep up with new product releases, store openings or other important information. The second audience is potential customers. A business Instagram account is a great snapshot into the life of a brand. Potential customers can get a feel for what the business offers without first encountering a storefront or website. They may also show viewers a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brand.


Additionally, products or services may be described and linked from the Instagram page to their business website. For example, a clothing store may post a photo of a new yoga pant and provide the direct link to the product on the Instagram page. This offers a unique opportunity to make Instagram a sales platform in addition to a social media platform.


Whether a business seeks to keep their current customers up to date, or spread awareness for their brand, Instagram is a great platform to strengthen relationships and drive sales.

New Pinterest Features

Pinterest’s co-founder and head of Pinterest’s products wrote about the new Pinterest features, specifically the Lens feature, in a recent blog post. “Pinterest [has] developed new experimental technology that, for the first time ever, is capable of seeing the world the way you do. Now there’s a way to discover ideas without having to find the right words to describe them first.” Continue reading

What is the Story Behind Cyber Monday?

Everyone knows what black Friday is, but what about Cyber Monday? If you hate the rush of Black Friday, this is the perfect holiday for you. Following the Monday after Thanksgiving, stores gift us with deals that are too hard to pass up. Rather than fighting for your favorite pair of jeans, you can sit in the comfort of your home. Online shopping is where it’s at.

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The Friendsgiving Holiday: What’s Thanksgiving Without Your Best Buds?

Friendsgiving holiday

With the help of the millennial generation, the traditional Thanksgiving now also has a friendship counterpart called “Friendsgiving.” During the first few weeks of November, groups will be hosting their own Thanksgiving feast, equipt with all the fall, food favorites and a special bonus: friends! Continue reading

Does Social Media Give a False Sense of Reality?

We have all seen that Instagram or Snapchat post and have thought to ourselves “wow, they must have an amazing life”. Between lifestyle blogs, famous actors and musicians, and models, it’s hard to not find a life we may want. However, these posts that we see every day don’t represent an attainable lifestyle. So what is it in these posts that make everyone think they’re so great? It is the false reality of people’s lives that we all aspire to have.  Continue reading

Why do teens LOVE to use Snapchat?

Why teens use SnapchatIt’s no surprise teenagers love to use social media, they were basically born into it. But what differentiates the channels? Most people know that teens Facebook usage is declining. Piper Jaffray Companies recently completed its 32nd semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” research survey. This survey highlights spending trends and brand preferences amongst 10,000 teens across 46 U.S. states.

In this study, Piper Jaffray discovered that Snapchat is quickly surpassing competing channels and cutting into Facebook’s usage. Snapchat is becoming THE preferred social network for teens.

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