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Social media usage is higher now than ever before. Admit it, you check Facebook while you’re waiting for your fried to arrive. You see what’s trending on Twitter to see what’s happening now. Avoiding social media seems nearly impossible. Recent studies show an increase in social media usage since 2012. Widespread access to social media makes it easier to stay connected and essential to communicating and keeping in touch with modern society. Increasing Usage:

Social media usage has skyrocketed in recent years. Mobile app developments make it easier now, more then ever, to access your accounts wherever. Any waiting situation elicits a reaction to pull out your phone and check social media. According to the above graph, the average person (in the world) spends roughly 118 minutes on social media daily. Americans check social media about 17 times per day. They check social media at least once an hour for every hour that they are awake.

Mobile availability contributes to increased social media usage significantly. The Facebook app alone has 655 million app-only active users as of 2015. Off-shoots of Facebook, namely Messenger, contribute to the social media usage boom on mobile devices.

Taking Advantage:

Increased social media usage is by no means a bad thing. It’s taking advantage of the convenient and innovative technology available to you. You are part of a more tech-savvy population. Think of all the things social media apps can do: you have instant access to live-streaming events that make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action, when you may be in the middle of a Netflix marathon. No shame in that. You can view trending topics to keep you abreast of recent news updates. This isn’t possible without social media innovations.

Social media usage gives you opportunities you never thought were possible. How else would you be able to pin that delicious pasta dish when you were waiting for your food to come? With that said, take a break every once in a while and smell the roses. But then, take a photo and share it with your friends.

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