Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts Used To Track US Music Conversation

Billboard and social media network Twitter announced a multi-year partnership to create Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts. 

Expected to launch in the upcoming weeks, Billboard announced on March 27, 2014 Billboard Twitter Real-Time charts that will track US music conversation occurring over millions of tweets sent each day. By combining the authority of the Billboard charts and the opinion of Twitter users, these charts will be based off of real-time data in order to rank music.


Billboard Twitter partnership to create real-time music charts.

Billboard Twitter partnership to create real-time music charts.


A continuation of integrating new media consumption in chart rankings, the Billboard Twitter partnership will establish the first real-time charts ever created for Billboard platforms. With this new addition, Billboard continues to lead the way in combining music ranking and new technologies.


These co-branded charts are reshaping how music success is measured for not just consumers but for the music industry as well. By taking the consumer’s opinion to the next level, Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts could become a significant means for ranking popular music.


Billboard and Twitter signed a Twitter Amplify partnership which will distribute the chart farther than just The partnership will also include custom in-Tweet charts and video round ups of the week on the social networking site.


Representing top tracks currently being talked about on Twitter as well as over an extend period of time, the Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts will also discover songs by new, upcoming artists that are most being talked about and shared. The charts will be added to and will also be shared via twitter through Billboard’s account, @billboard, several times every week.


When it comes to popular music Billboard has been an authority on ranking for many years, so it is only natural that the company would take an innovative approach by utilizing data created by social media to determine what consumers are listening to.


“Twitter is where the music of the moment is discovered and discussed — every day, new songs and new artists are breaking on the platform,” said Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s head of music. “We’re partnering with Billboard to create a ground-breaking chart to track the conversation around music as it happens. This means when artists share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter, the buzz they create will now be visible to fans, other musicians and industry decision makers in real-time.”


Social media has created a new medium for how fans interact and evaluate artists and the music they make. The Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts, a natural extension for media brands in sync with the music industry, seeks to dramatically shape the conversation around the content and the business according Janice Min, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media.


With over 200 exclusive charts measuring success in music and constantly updating to convey changes in popularity of songs, Billboard will use Twitter data to create charts that employ the strengths of social media and the Billboard brand to provide trustworthy and accurate ratings on what music matters the most to fans at any given point in time.


A place of self-expression and conversation available in 35 plus languages happening in real time across the world amongst 240 million active users, Twitter is the perfect network to gather data for these charts. Billboard potentially could at the forefront of the music ranking frontier with the addition of Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts.