Crowd-funding platform MoolaHoop empowers female entrepreneurs

Empowering female business owners to start, build and expand their business, the rewards-based crowd-funding platform MoolaHoop is designed by women for women. The site allows women entrepreneurs in need of modest startup capital to develop online campaigns.

Crowd-funding platform MoolaHoop empowers female entrepreneurs.

Crowd-funding platform MoolaHoop empowers female entrepreneurs.

Founders of the dallas-based site, Brenda Bazan and Nancy, created an online platform enabling women to leverage the “power of the crowd” in order to grow their business and achieve financial success.

When securing funding, numerous studies report female business owners receive less than their male counterparts. Historically female entrepreneurs have acquired little venture capital, four percent of the total available even through women-owned businesses represent nearly 30 percent of startup companies.

Seeking to narrow the gap in funding available to female entrepreneurs and capitalizing on the growing popularity of rewards-based crowd-funding, MulaHoop is changing the dynamic for online campaigns with the development of an impressive system of business services, information and partnerships.

Online campaigns’ design and management made simple, the crowd-funding platform MoolaHoop, allows entrepreneurs to select templates specific to their industry automatically connecting campaigns to social media.

Local yoga studio and femaie-owned business, Super Yoga Palace is one of the current projects teaming up with MulaHoop in order to achieve financial success. Studio owner and yoga instructor Jessica Jordan has utilized the crowd-funding platform Mulahoop to reach out to her customers and the local community.

From humble beginnings over the past five years the yoga studio has been funded solely by donations. Expanding and requiring new needs in order to keep going they must expand into its own stand alone studio. In exchange for financial support, donors receive yoga classes and other rewards.

The site has helped Jordan extend the studio’s crowd of supporters beyond existing members, friends and family to potential customers and professional networks. For Jordan the crowd-funding platform MulaHoop is much more than a site to raise funds, it’s an incredible opportunity to make Super Yoga Palace’s dreams a reality.

Bringing the studio’s handwork and success from the streets of Deep Ellum and the Dallas community to a unique online community, MulaHoop is a valuable educational resource for Jordan and many other women—inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurs with creative solutions.

Check out Super Yoga Palace’s campaign currently in process and watch the story of this empowering platform unfold with the endless possibilities of MulaHoop’s rewards-based crowd-funding capabilities.