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Sometimes hearing the same music can get old very fast. Thanks to the digital age we live in, there are now a several outlets available to discover new music tracks. Hype Machine compiles all of the music written about on blogs and websites to one easy place. 

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Hype Machine allows users to search the best of the best by tracking what’s being written about in the music blogging sphere. Blogging has become one of the greatest sources for people to share their ideas, stories, opinions, photos, and in this case – their music. Every day hundreds of people write about their own music discovers, and even more people then read what’s being shared. Hype machine offers users a one-stop place to follow all the top music blog posts.

Hype Machine categorizes music by latest posts, popular posts, and by genres. Users also have the option to search by “remixes only” to find a mashed-up variety of music or by “no remixes” if a more standard song is desired. Genres include everything from dance, dubstep, and electronic to hip-hop, rock, and all those in between.

There is also a “time machine” feature that allows users to travel through the most interesting tracks on the web in the past 5 or more years. Users can search by year, month, and to be very specific, by the week the blog post was published.

Like most websites today, Hype machine also offers sharing options for users to share their favorite tracks found on the site.

To discover great new music from the blogging world, visit Hype Machine for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Get Hyped on Hype Machine

  1. Awesome article Hillary! I found this very helpful because I know I often spend hours searching all over the internet and trying to organize all my different music. I also liked the different options to search the “remix” only sections. Thanks for the information, I will definitely be trying this!

  2. Hillary,

    Cool to know someone else “in the tangible world” likes the Hype Machine! I am a big fan. Love their tweets, app, podcast, and all things Hypem! …met them at SXSW a few years ago. I think it’s brill’ that they compile music blogs, like a cluster of impassioned music alpha fans in one space. I’ll shut it now, I’m clearly sold on the brand! 🙂

    What’s your Hypem! url? C’est moi

    Thanks for posting.

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