Sky Ferreira Second Album

35195c43As many already know Sky Ferreira has recently finished her Night Time, My Time tour throughout the U.S. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all over because she’s already working on her second album and we have the tour to thank. Long drives to different cities has not gone to waste because it’s inspired Ferreira and given her time to write new songs.  Continue reading

Selena Gomez’s New Music Video Will Leave You Speechless

rs_300x300-141106042329-600.Selena-Gomez-Heart-Wants-What-It-Wants-JR-110614Selena Gomez recently released a new song with music video, which is leaving people speechless. It seems like Miss Gomez is putting more of herself out there and expressing her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend, Bieber, to the world. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is a deep emotional song that will relate to many women and girls pushing Gomez to success in her musical career. Continue reading

Ebola: So There’s a Cure?

While much of the buzz surrounding the issue of Ebola is concentrated in the DFW area, concern Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.51.55 PMabout finding a cure has spread worldwide. England’s biggest drugmaker is working to develop a vaccine to combat Ebola. The company has undergone various experiments, and the success of its first steps has been confirmed with expected results.  Continue reading

Professional Clowns are Upset with American Horror Story’s Scary Clown

IMG_1899Clowns of America International —a gathering place for serious minded amateurs, semiprofessionals, and professionals clowns— disapprove of American Horror Story: Freak Show’s character: Twisty. Twisty is the scariest character in the TV-series so far. He’s a scary clown that murders couples and then locks up the victims in a school bus. Is it the media’s fault that numerous people have a negative perspective of clowns? Continue reading

Music Festivals: A Booming Business

Berlin Festival 2012The Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014 started today. As most people already know ACL has grown the past years expanding to two weekends of music in the city of Austin, Texas. The first weekend started today with talented artists such as Sam Smith and Outkast in the lineup. It’s been a sold out music festival since both one-day and three-day wristbands went on sale for both weekends. It will definitely be the talk of the weekend for Texans, but when did music festivals get this popular?

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Apple’s Newest Update: Bendable iPhone

As most people already know, the new Apple products were recently released. ApparentlyBend it like Beckham the big screen and the new features available on the iPhone6 Plus are not the only upgrades. It turns out the iPhone is also bendable! People have been talking about this everywhere especially on Twitter by using the #BendGate hashtag. Even though this could be a problem for Apple, the public has been coming up with funny mockups that will be hard to forget.

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Apple Pay: The Reason to Upgrade

Apple PayWill Apple Pay change today’s society? Forgetting your credit card or debit card will no longer be a problem with this new feature offered on both of the i-Phone 6 and the Apple Watch. Apple is always finding new ways to persuade consumers to upgrade their phones. This time it’s collaborating with several credit card networks and banks such as: Chase Bank and American Express to make people’s lives easier. However, will people be willing to buy a new phone just for this?

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Spirit Airlines Takes Advantage of Celebrity Photo Scandal

Apparently teasing the celebrity leaked photos scandal is not only funny, but also a great way to promote a company, or so Spirit Airlines thought. The Florida based airline decided to take advantage of the scandal to promote its “bare fare” low cost flights. They sent out an email last week that titled “Our Selfie Leaked Too…” together with a photo of a cartoon woman covering only her chest.

Bare Fair

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