When is the Internet Too Much?

With the advent of the internet we no longer have to go to the library to look up a fact because we can just “Google” it. While the convenience of Google is exponential, have we really considered the drawbacks of the Internet?

Sure it is nice to be able to Google your blind date to find out that he’s not a serial killer, but then again, is it? Do you really wanna know that his ex-girlfriend was Mila Kunis? That probably won’t give you that boost of self-esteem you were looking for. In reality you only really wanted to find out he was normal and maybe, just maybe, (most definitely) find out what your date looks like. But how much is too much? I’m not just talking about being creepy and Googling your date. I’m talking about your potential employer having access to your Facebook.

Yes the internet is awesome and wonderful but have you ever wondered how many prospective employees weren’t hired merely due to their Facebook profile picture? Yeah that photo of you doing a keg stand last weekend probably wasn’t the best choice to make as your profile picture. This might seem obvious to 98% of you but believe me, that 2% either lacks common sense or is totally content working at Walmart for the rest of their life (nothing against Walmart employees).

While its nice to be able to use Google to look up important historical events, it is also important to remember to use some common sense and try to represent yourself in a professional manner on social networks. We live in a digital age and should treat social networks as resumes because prospective employers view those social networks as an extension of yourself and your resume.