Uber Sends Puppy Love for Valentine’s Day

In need of a break during your long work day? Uber is here for you. At the touch of a button, people were able to receive puppy love in various cities as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat last week. The ride-sharing service teamed up with various animal shelters to melt your hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's Day Continue reading

Puppy love for Puppy Bowl X

In this weekend of celebrated pigskin, seven layer dips, and laziness, marketers and social media mavens have honed in on a whole ‘nother media strategy- puppy love. Earlier this week, all of America was given a taste for what lay in store super bowl Sunday. While the internet watches and shares “Puppy Love” for the next few days, Animal Planet plans to capitalize on the love for their tenth annual Puppy Bowl.

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