Puppy love for Puppy Bowl X

In this weekend of celebrated pigskin, seven layer dips, and laziness, marketers and social media mavens have honed in on a whole ‘nother media strategy- puppy love. Earlier this week, all of America was given a taste for what lay in store super bowl Sunday. While the internet watches and shares “Puppy Love” for the next few days, Animal Planet plans to capitalize on the love for their tenth annual Puppy Bowl.

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A Look Back At The Best Super Bowl Commercials

With Super Bowl XLVIII two days away, many Americans are gearing up by buying 12-packs of Budweiser, procuring pounds of chicken wings, and dusting off their crockpot’s for the tradition ‘Super Bowl party.’

Last year 108.4 million people watched the big game, about a third of the American population, but the Super Bowl isn’t just about football. During a regular football game, many rush to the bathroom or grab an ice-cold beer during commercial breaks, but during the Super Bowl all eyes stay on the TV to see some of the best commercials of the year.

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Are Social Media Campaigns Helping or Replacing Super Bowl Advertisements?

In past years the Super Bowl has become the mecca for companies to advertise their products. Whatever the cost of an advertisement was, companies are willing to pay. For Super Bowl XLVII companies are paying roughly $4 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime. Because of high costs, some companies are utilizing social media in addition to their on-air commercial time to gain more impressions.

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