Puppy love for Puppy Bowl X

In this weekend of celebrated pigskin, seven layer dips, and laziness, marketers and social media mavens have honed in on a whole ‘nother media strategy- puppy love. Earlier this week, all of America was given a taste for what lay in store super bowl Sunday. While the internet watches and shares “Puppy Love” for the next few days, Animal Planet plans to capitalize on the love for their tenth annual Puppy Bowl.

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Social Media During the Super Bowl Blackout

During the Super Bowl this past weekend, every facility manager’s worst nightmare came true, the lights went out. Well, not all of the lights, but enough to stop the biggest television event of the year. Most viewers filled the time with Twitter, Facebook, or simply changed the channel.

In every crisis, there is opportunity. For a number of brands, this Super Bowl blackout, was the prime time for free advertising on social media. Continue reading