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Homa Shalchi is a junior at Southern Methodist University studying Public Relations and Spanish.

Facebook’s Redesigned ‘Like’ Button

For years, Facebook users like you have been longing for a “dislike” option to complement the “like” button. Although this never occurred, Facebook finally implemented several other reactions other than “like.” Last week, Facebook redesigned this button, adding five emoji complements: “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”
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Social Media: a Tool for Political Campaigns

How do you want to receive your news about the upcoming presidential election? You can watch the news and debates on TV, or you may read the newspaper for your daily update. Now, you can also turn to social media to learn more about it. As the election approaches, social media has been improving political campaigns.Social Media: a Tool for Political Campaigns Continue reading

Uber Sends Puppy Love for Valentine’s Day

In need of a break during your long work day? Uber is here for you. At the touch of a button, people were able to receive puppy love in various cities as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat last week. The ride-sharing service teamed up with various animal shelters to melt your hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's Day Continue reading

Improve Your Snapchat Game: Super Bowl Edition

Back in the day, before the emersion of social media, Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest day for football fans. Friends and family gathered to enjoy the football game, as well as the entertaining commercials. Today, much more plays into the Super Bowl than just football and fun commercial breaks. Social media has stepped in to improve people’s Super Bowl experience and to promote brands.

Improve Your Snapchat Game: Super Bowl Edition


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Facebook Pages for Your Business

When you hear “Facebook,” you think back to your high school and college days when social media was just beginning to take over the Internet. You probably think of it as a means of connecting with old classmates, friends and family. You may not correlate Facebook with business, but today, this social media platform is opening doors for business possibilities through Facebook Pages. Continue reading