Tips for Maximizing Facebook “Likes”

“Likes” are the most valuable form of currency on Facebook. A like is equivalent to an online “I agree”—a vote of popularity, a virtual affirmation from your audience. But, simply publishing a post or a picture doesn’t guarantee that the likes will come rolling in. There’s strategy behind maximizing Facebook likes, and all it takes is a little bit of time and effort.maximize facebook likes

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Facebook’s Redesigned ‘Like’ Button

For years, Facebook users like you have been longing for a “dislike” option to complement the “like” button. Although this never occurred, Facebook finally implemented several other reactions other than “like.” Last week, Facebook redesigned this button, adding five emoji complements: “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”
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We’re Like, Addicted to Likes, and We Don’t Like It

facebook-like-iconA fly on the wall in a mid-sized or bigger lecture hall would be hard pressed to go an entire class period without seeing one or two social media-ites, mentally ditching their classmates to publically pontificate their political views, the new dress they bought, or how much they enjoy the experience of on-campus parking. No matter what we post, there is no better feeling than the sight of that little red icon popping up on our notifications button telling us that someone had liked what we had to say, someone had seen, heard, dare I say- felt- what I felt.

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You Can’t Buy Your Friends – Or Can You?

Companies can buy likes, views, and followers to look more successful on social media 

As social media users, we know the familiar thrill of gaining new Twitter followers, or watching the number of views on our YouTube videos skyrocket. For companies, though, gaining new followers and reaching a broad audience is not just about the thrill — it is pivotal to success.  As blogger Daniel Sharkov explains, “No matter how much you engage with others or how quality your tweets are, getting results with only 200 followers can hardly happen.”

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