My 4 Years at SMU

When I began to look for a college, I was not desperately trying to escape my life at home. With two younger siblings I adored, friends I admired, and parents I respected, I didn’t see a reason to leave the northeast. At the time, my life seemed complete. My hometown of Lexington, Massachusetts breed’s students for local colleges; If you weren’t attending one of the Ivy Leagues that New England offered, UMass Amherst, Boston University, and University of New Hampshire were common destinations for graduates. Continue reading

Whisper App: Anonymity Prevention of Cyber Bullying

The mobile social media app, Whisper, allows users to express themselves anonymously and reveal secrets that they wouldn’t feel comfortable revealing behind a username or profile.

Users create a “whisper” by creating a personally styled card where they can write a secret that are displayed in front of pictures the user chooses. Users of the app are able to “like” and comment on whispers, however because there are no user profiles following a particular user is impossible.

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Oreo Addictions Give Cocaine a Run for its Money

In a recent study at Connecticut College, researchers have found the scrumptious Oreo cookie snack to be just as addictive as cocaine, giving the expression “this ‘stuf’ is like crack” a whole new meaning. Neuroscience professor Joseph Schroeder and four undergraduate students used rats in two experiments to observe their behavior and brain activity when injected with drugs compared to when fed Oreos. Continue reading

Skip lines with a tap of your finger

PayPal’s 2013 free app upgrade brings convenience and variety to consumers in the world of mobile wallets. The company is now looking to expand past the online payment services it previously offered.
The ability to order in advanced before even entering the store, is what sets this app apart from the previously desired swipe of a credit card. Consumers favored using credit cards or cash versus fumbling with a confusing app, which made people reluctant to use mobile wallets. Now, Pay Pal allows users to order before stepping foot in the store, making it more convenient than a credit card! Continue reading