Facebook Friends Day Videos

On February 4th, Facebook had its 12th birthday declaring it national “Friends Day.” Facebook celebrated their birthday by releasing a new video that puts together photos of you and your friends. The release of this personal video montage started the first official Facebook Friends Day video illustrating the importance of friendships.

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Bringing Photos Back into Frames

In the past few years, with the development of Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and all the other digital photo sharing applications, printing out hard copy photographs has become less and less popular. Whether it is the inconvenience, since most of our pictures are taken from our phones these days, the cost, or just pure laziness, it is unfortunate that our photos are all stuck on a computer screen and the walls of our homes are standing bare. Continue reading

Instagram account used to expose “rats”

Last Thursday an Instagram account used to intimidate and identify violent crime witnesses in Philadelphia was finally shut down. The account, “rats215” had nearly 7,900 followers. Through the account over 30 witnesses had been exposed since February. In addition, the account posted confidential photos, police statements and a testimony.

Instagram account used to expose "rats"

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