Cyber Bullying and Sports Shaming

Last weekend, the Auburn versus Alabama game was one for the ages. The already heated rivalry produced an exciting, close game that eventually ended with Auburn coming out on top. In the end, a botched field goal was returned over 105 yards for a touchdown and the win. While social media made it easy to follow the game play-by-play, it also showcased one of the darker aspects of technology: the opportunity for easy, senseless bullying. Continue reading

Google the Grinch, Shoppers Beware

The holiday (and gift-giving) season is upon us. While many Americans choose to do some of their holiday shopping in physical stores, many take to the Internet to easily find and purchase items off their lists. While a simple Google search might seem like the quickest way to find your desired product, be warned: you may be getting ripped off. Continue reading

Phantom Vibration – Boo!

Have you ever been absorbed in a task or simply going about your day when suddenly, your phone vibrates? You take it out of your pocket to check it, except it actually hasn’t vibrated at all. The problem is you swore you felt it buzz. The other problem is that this happens constantly – maybe even on an everyday basis. Continue reading

Photobucket’s Resurgence

In May, Yahoo revealed a new version of photo sharing site Flickr, complete with 1 TB of free storage and the ability to upload full-resolution photos. Although early reviews were glowing, the results have been less than satisfying. The number of Flickr’s unique monthly users has dropped from 27.3 million to 26.2 million: over one million since the May announcement. Continue reading

Google+ Revamps the College Visit

I have been a Southern Methodist University Tour Guide for almost three years now. In my opinion, it’s a great job: good pay, flexible hours, and invaluable customer service experience. However, it has come to my attention that Google is looking to put me out of a job. Thanks, Larry Page. Continue reading

iOS 7: The Unexpected Rollercoaster?

Apple’s newest software update for iPhones and iPads, iOS 7, is all the rage so far. It’s proven contagious, as 35% of Apple’s user updated from iOS6 within 24 hours of its introduction. Its sleek design and new look is visually appealing, but unique complaints have been rolling in – is the new operating system making people sick? Continue reading

“Edit” this: Facebook Posts

Have you ever typed up a long post on Facebook and hit “Send”, only to realize you misspelled a word? Sometimes, you just let it go. Other times, that word can be crucial to the overall meaning of what you wrote. That one misspelled word can change a lighthearted post into an offensive post. In light of this, many are thrilled that Facebook is finally activating the “edit” function on Facebook posts (also known as statuses). Continue reading

Award Shows: The Social Factor

Well folks, the Emmys are upon us. As with any major awards show, the Internet is abuzz with predictions of who will take home the coveted awards. Will cult favorite Game of Thrones clean up? Can Breaking Bad and House of Cards topple powerhouse Modern Family? While many are willing to throw their opinions in the mix, one company has revealed an interesting way to predict the winners: social media. Continue reading