Is Shopping Online the Safest Way?


Online ShoppingSitting in class each day, I easily see over twenty people, mostly girls, scrolling through different online shopping websites. I always wonder if they are actually buying things, or just browsing to pass the time. This unremitting search seems to have become an addiction, and whether people are buying items or not, this habit serves as a major advertising mechanism, as well as a means for companies to compile information about these personal shopping habits for later use.

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Home Delivery Turns Roam Delivery

Volvo introduces “Roam Delivery:” A service allowing packages to now be delivered to your car instead of being missed at your home.

It’s happened to everyone: rescheduling an important meeting at work to make sure you can sign for an important package coming home, or missing the coveted Christmas present you bought for your parents because you weren’t home when it was delivered. Volvo has found a way to meet the marketing demand of the masses by introducing “Roam Delivery.”

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Google the Grinch, Shoppers Beware

The holiday (and gift-giving) season is upon us. While many Americans choose to do some of their holiday shopping in physical stores, many take to the Internet to easily find and purchase items off their lists. While a simple Google search might seem like the quickest way to find your desired product, be warned: you may be getting ripped off. Continue reading

You’ve Got Mail: Amazon’s Sunday Delivery

It’s officially the holiday season, which can only mean one thing: shopping. Online shopping is as popular as ever for the holiday’s, allowing customers to forego the busy mall and shop from the comfort of home. However, online shopping leads to days (and sometimes weeks) of waiting for packages. One online retailer is combating this online shopping myth, Amazon. Already known for their prime service two-day shipping, they recently introduced Amazon’s Sunday Delivery.

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