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Liz is a public relations major at Southern Methodist University.

Snapchat Spectacles Vending Machines are Popping Up Everywhere

Snapchat is releasing their first product through Spectacles vending machines. The machines are popping up in cities across the U.S. with little warning. Snapchat fans are waiting for hours in line hoping to snag a pair of Spectacles.Snapchat spectacles


The first Spectacles vending machine appeared in Venice Beach, California, on November 10. Since then, the machines have also popped up for one day only in Big Sur, California, Catoosa, Oklahoma, and Santa Monica, California.

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Look out LinkedIn, Facebook is Testing New Jobs Feature

If you’re looking for a job, clean up your Facebook page because that may be the first thing that potential employers see.

Facebook has confirmed that they are testing a new jobs feature on company Facebook pages. Companies now have a “jobs” option on the page when they post a status update where they can post open positions. The job opportunities will appear on a “Jobs” tab on the top of a company’s Facebook page.

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Screenshots from Russia Reveal an Instagram Live Feature

When the app first launched, Instagram was known for its simple layout. With the addition of Snapchat-like stories and a suggested feed, the Instagram we once knew is a thing of the past.

This week, the Russian news site T Journal shared screenshots of an Instagram live feature. Instagram has failed to comment, but it’s not unlikely that Instagram would want to join the ranks of Facebook, Snapchat and Periscope with a live video function.

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This Phone Will Self-Destruct in 3…2…1: Samsung’s Public Relations Nightmare

Samsung’s public relations team are banging their heads against a wall right now. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has an exciting new feature: spontaneous combustion.Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on August 19. Just five days later, the first phone exploded, thus launching Samsung’s public relations nightmare.

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