How Instagram Has Changed Fashion

It’s no news to millennials when we say Instagram has changed the fashion world. Between the easy access to the accounts of fashion bloggers, models and designers, we are always in the know. So, what exactly has Instagram done to impact the fashion world?

Top fashion designers are starting to create their shows so they read well on Instagram. Rather than creating clothes for the first-hand viewers, designers are taking another approach. Cell phone images are huge in photography right now. They’ve almost taken over chanelprofessional cameras in the crowds of fashion shows. This is mainly due to the fact that cell phones allow editing applications for immediate posting.

What was once an A-list event is now accessible to anyone with an insta account. Models and designers give followers a back stage sneak peek by posting pre-show pictures. Similarly, once the show is over, we can expect our feed to show us exactly what we’re looking for.
Instead of waiting for the newest issue of Vogue, we can check out the latest trends that were debuted at the show. This gives fashion real time updates about iconic shows like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

chanel fashion showInstagram is also changing the way designers are creating their collections. Shows are a social and shared experience where fashion is catching eyes on a two-dimensional screen. Young designers in particular, take note about the way their clothes will look on cell phones. This includes color, structure and anything that will give clothing a wow-factor.

Models are often times the girls you and other millions of people follow. Designers want good names behind their brand so they use celebrities to gain a bigger following. For example, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid are all walking in the VS show this year. Similarly, the front row guests are the ones who will post about the show.