Youtube in Digital Communications

It feels as though the world is inundated with social media platforms. The utilization of social media is constantly evolving and so are the applications that professionals in digital communication need to master in order to succeed. Nevertheless, the captivation that Youtube has on our society does not appear to be subsiding any time soon. Keep reading to find out how one in digital communications can leverage this infamous platform for their benefit.

Youtube (which is owned by Google) has been one of the most popular platforms since its disruption in the social media world in 2005. Youtube was the very first large-scale online video sharing platform. The amount of content on Youtube can feel overwhelming- there is an abundance of “channels” on the platform which users can consume! 

As a professional in digital communications, keep in mind that the most popular content on Youtube tends to be short videos and presentations. Those in professional digital communications should make sure that the content which they are making on Youtube is easy for users to find, since the platform has such an enormous collection of content. Most of the content on Youtube is uploaded by individuals. However, networks and studios also contribute to the platform. Youtube as a company has also started to produce their own content on the platform- Youtube Originals. Youtube’s high user engagement makes it a platform which professionals in digital communications should focus on due to its large reach.

Whatever one is looking for, Youtube will have videos that will spark that interest. Youtube content creators have greatly contributed to the success of the platform and there is serious money to be made on the platform. The demographic on Youtube is truly comprised of all ages- proven by the diversity of ages among the 2020 highest-paid Youtube content creators. The potential reach that an organization has from being featured on a highly viewed Youtube video is astronomical.  

This glimpse into the world of Youtube is certain to help professionals in digital communications succeed in their use of the platform! A key piece of advice for all digital communications professionals, is to maintain a high level of engagement when on any social media platform. Come back next Sunday to find out more about the significance of TikTok and other well liked platforms within digital communications!