The Ins & Outs of Youtube Influencer Content

With over 30 million Youtube visitors per day, the world of content marketing influencers is rapidly exploding. Attempting to reach the target demographic of 18-34 year-olds, Youtube personalities create diverse content on a variety of topics. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sports, and comedy are the site’s most popular genres. For large corporations, partnering with a Youtube influencer is highly recommended, especially if the company strives to increase product sales growth. However, certain types of content are more effective and engaging than others. Read below to learn about different types of Youtube influencer content!

How-To Videos

Otherwise known as a tutorial, a how-to video provides step-by-step instructions. For example, successful beauty Youtube personality, James Charles, often posts step-by-step makeup tutorials that achieve a specific look. These videos feature multiple different products – therefore, providing a potential partnership opportunity for influencers and brands. Besides beauty, popular Youtube personalties create content in the food and lifestyle space. For example, cooking and meal preparation tutorials are highly popular among Youtube’s core demographic.


Essentially, vlogs are personal blogs with video content. Typically, these videos do not have an overarching theme – instead the influencer videos a series of clips over a span of time. Followers get to know the Youtube personality on a personal level and get insight into their lives. While vlogs are informal, brand partnerships still are present. For example, certain products that the influencer uses on a daily basis, such as a teeth whitening kit or meal delivery service, would be an appropriate sponsorship.

An example of a fitness and lifestyle blogger’s recent vlog uploads.

Hauls/Unboxing Videos

Besides tutorials and vlogs, hauls and unboxing videos are popular among the Youtube community. In haul style videos, an influencer will typically share a large quantity of new items. Often, the influencer will describe the quality, price, and their personal opinion on each item. In most cases, haul style videos appeal to those interested in fashion and beauty. Next, unboxing videos showcase an influencer’s reaction to opening large, expensive gifts or boxes sent from other companies. If an influencer is filming an unboxing haul of a personal gift, they often discuss the item’s price point and if they find the item worthy of that specific dollar amount. If a Youtuber posts about a box sent from a company, the video is most likely a sponsorship.

Image result for unboxing haul
An Instagram influencer in front of the packages that she will be “unboxing” on her channel.

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