How to Be A Social Media Influencer – Demonstrated by Michael Scott

With the uprising trend of becoming a social media influencer, it’s becoming more and more difficult to create a unique platform to rise up on. How do you stand out? What does it take to become a top influencer? To answer these questions, I decided to look at an all-time favorite TV character: Michael Scott.

This is a gif of Michael Scott dancing.

The adventures of the Dunder Mifflin were first brought to us in 2005. At first glance, the show comes off as less than to be desired. You see the boring, colorless logo of Dunder Mifflin, then realize its about a paper company… and you think there’s no way this is good. Why was it such a success? The first scene in the pilot introduces you to Michael Scott. Right off the bat he’s not what you’d expect as the stereotypical manager.

What makes Michael Scott a good candidate as a social media influencer?

He’s always ready to make new friends

As one of the most socially willing characters on the show, Michael is always ready to make new friends. Whether it’s by inviting his co-workers to after dinner drinks, playing a friendly game of basketball, or having a good old roasting session, Michael is there for it.

This is a gif of Michael Scott singing "everybody dance now."

He’s always up for a laugh

Michael is always ready for a laugh – especially when its at the expense of others. Never one to take things too seriously, he’s always looking for the next comedic opportunity. Whether it’s his all-time favorite “that’s what she said” joke, or well-meaning prank on an unsuspecting co-worker, Michael Scott is down to clown.

This is a gif of Michael Scott saying "that's what she said".

He’s authentic

Why has his legacy lasted so long? Because he’s Michael Scott. No one can nor ever will compare to his iconic role. His authenticity is unparalleled and will always be memorable. That authenticity reaches multiple generations and is surprisingly relatable. Without his originality, he would not have the same longevity.

This is a gif of Michael Scott winking.

So if Michael Scott could teach us anything on how to be a social media influencer, we must always be: ready to make new friends, go ahead and click that add button; up for a laugh, don’t take yourself too seriously and be willing to take a joke; and finally, be authentic, you can’t be anyone but yourself.