Working from Home: Tips for Staying Engaged in our Virtual World

Working from home is the new business reality in the midst of a global pandemic. While virtual teams have always had a role in major corporations, companies of all sizes are being forced to operate virtually. For companies, this means ensuring teams still communicate and operate effectively. For individual employees, this means maximizing spaces to make working from home a pleasant and effective experience. Keep reading for tips on working from home during quarantine and after.

Get dressed, make coffee, and set up a desk to maintain normalcy when working from home.
Get dressed, make coffee, and set up a desk to maintain normalcy when working from home.

Working from Home: Tips for Success

  1. Each morning, map out a schedule for the day. Allocate specific times for work items you want to accomplish, meals, exercise, and anything else you would like to get done. When working from home for days on end during the quarantine, giving structure to the time warp is imperative for staying sane and productive. Try to work within the normal range of time you would if you were still going to the office!
  2. Dress for success. Don’t sit around in pajamas all day. While you can certainly take on a more casual look, maintain your self-care and hygiene routines, put some clothes on, make the bed, and carve out time for breakfast before delving into your Zoom meetings for the day. Speaking of Zoom, click here for Stanford’s resources on how to lead and participate in inclusive and engaging Zoom meetings.
  3. Moving around the house provides some wanted changes in scenery, but establishing one spot as your at-home desk is helpful when working from home. This indicates to your brain and family members that it is time to focus.
  4. Move! In between meetings, set aside times to take breaks and get some fresh air. Eat lunch on your patio, take a quick walk around the block (with social distance, of course), or even open a window. When we are sitting all day, it’s important that we make efforts to move our bodies and get our hearts and blood pumping.
  5. Nourish your body. Yes, we all deserve treats during this tumultuous time. However, ensure you are getting the nutrients and healthy boost your body needs. Indulge in the homemade cakes and cookies your families are baking. Don’t forget about protein, fruits, and vegetables to keep your energy levels high.

Working from home has its perks, but definitely introduces a new set of challenges. For even more incredible tips for navigating this period of working from home, check out this guide at theSkimm. Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe, stay focused!