Using A Mobile Device as a Tool to Improve Health

This is an image of a woman running with an iPhone and her fitbit watch, which can both be used as a tool to help improve your health using a mobile device.Improving your health may be simpler than you think. In fact, you can use your mobile device as a tool to make small changes that have a big impact on your wellbeing. A few ways to use your phone on your journey to improved health are: downloadable apps, accessories, alerts and podcasts. 

Mobile Device Tool 1: Downloadable Apps

There are tons of apps on smartphones that can be very useful for individuals who are trying to adopt healthier habits. Some apps such as Calorie Counter or MyFitness Pal allow users to track calories, fat, sugar, carb and protein intakes. The app creates charts and graphs which are very useful to users. The data allows individuals to see the visual breakdown of macronutrients and see where they could make changes. There are also apps that are geared towards mental health by helping you do quick meditations. Two of my favorites are Headspace and Guidedmind.

Mobile Device Tool 2: Accessories

Tech accessories for mobile devices can really make a difference in one’s lifestyle changes. The Apple Watch and Fitbit both pair with your iPhone and have many useful features. Both of these accessories have pedometers, heart rate monitors and sleep trackers. You can open the Apple Watch Activity App or Fitbit App on your mobile device to check out your activity log, total daily steps, sleep schedule and more.

Mobile Device Tool 3: Alerts

You can set alerts on your iphone to remind you to do a multitude of healthful practices. For example, you can set alerts to take a deep breath, go for a 10-minute walk, stand up from your desk, to go to bed and more.

Mobile Device Tool 4: Podcasts

The great thing about podcasts are that there are so many to choose from and they’re all free! You can find a podcast on pretty much any health-related topic from veganism to cancer or the latest fitness trend. There are individual podcasts or entire podcast series that cover  health related topics. You can subscribe to a podcast and get the most recent one downloaded to your mobile device automatically. One of my favorites is TEDTalks: Health.

Since you’re already using your mobile device everyday, might as well take advantage of the available tools which can set you on the path towards improved health!