Remote Learning: A Lesson in Gratitude

I never imagined the second half of my junior year would be spent at home. When I thought of spring semester, I envisioned helpful class sessions, time with friends, and weekends to remember. Remote learning has been an adjustment for us all, but for me, it has been a lesson in gratitude.

Remote Learning Realizations

I am guilty, like most college students, of dreading an early morning class or a long meeting. Many days, I wanted to fast-forward and just “get to the end.” I was dragging at the start of spring semester. I wanted easier classes. I did not appreciate my walks to class, and I took days for granted.

Then, everything was pulled from underneath us.

Now I was lucky to get to see teachers and friends in tiny virtual boxes on zoom. Class time became lackluster. Consequently, my learning took a hit.

I missed grind sessions in the library. I missed the gratifying feeling after finishing night class. Longing for my wonderful teachers, I started to realize how good I had it.

A New Outlook

Since Coronavirus and the onset of remote learning, I have a new perspective. I know it is cliche to say that every day is a gift, but it is. I cannot wait to walk back on to SMU’s campus next year and savor every day. Savor conversations with teachers. Savor our beautiful surroundings. And yes, even savor taking tests.

remote learning lessons

I am grateful for the lessons remote learning has taught me. Not necessarily the ones having to do with coursework, but the life lessons. I want to make my last year count. Going forward, I cannot wait to appreciate every in-person class.

We do not know how good we have it until it’s gone. Let your Coronavirus experience be a reminder of what we are grateful for.