My Time And Highlights At SMU: Senior Reflection

Where has the time gone? Looking back at the past four years and my time and highlights at SMU I could not have picked a better school. I can say with confidence that SMU is a very special place, and the friends I have made will last me a lifetime. It feels like yesterday when I was moving into Armstrong and setting into my new college home and the place I would come to love so much. I cannot believe it is almost already over. 

My Time and Highlights At SMU

Throughout my time and highlights at SMU I have been able to do some pretty cool things that have given me memories I will never forget.

Tri Delta

First off, I had the opportunity to join a sorority. My mom still talks about her college days as a Zeta. That was an opportunity I was hoping to gain out of my college experience. Through Tri Delt I was about to meet my best friends. These girls are my go-to people will without a doubt be in my wedding one day. They have been there through the good, bad, and amazing times that college has brought. Tri Delt also enriched me through community service and giving back. I was able to help sick kids at St. Jude and ensure that we are on the path to finding a cure for childhood cancer. I was also able to become a mentor for younger girls and help them navigate the challenges that college can bring. I will forever be grateful for what Tri Delt has given me. 

Study Abroad

Secondly, SMU gave me the opportunity to study abroad. This will forever be one of the best experiences of my life and in my time at SMU. I lived in Barcelona, right in the heart of the city, and I was able to travel almost every weekend. The people I met and the cultures I experienced will stay with me forever. After visiting 12 different countries I can confidently say that this world is one amazing place. I am so thankful that SMU gave me the chance to study abroad and for my parents for allowing me to have this opportunity. 

I am not ready. That is the best way I can put it. I am not ready to graduate, grow up, and have to move on from this amazing experience. I am so sad to leave SMU but the memories I have made will stay with me forever.